About a week ago, I got shots at my annual doctor’s appointment. First, it went all normally; checking ears, eyes, mouth, pulse and temperature  Then my doctor, Dr. Kawase, offered a list of possible list of immunizations that kids my age would normally take. I was thinking really hard: Immunizations- what? Immunizations… immunize….. Shots!

“Shots?” I exclaimed, both surprised and anxious. I automatically tensed up, raising my shoulders. When Dr. Kawase left to have the shots ready, I asked Park Ranger what I was getting. She told me that I was getting the tetanus and meningitis shot. Ow.

30 minutes

The nurse came in with the shots prepared. She first explained to Park Ranger how she would to one shot on each arm so that if there were reactions, they could know which shot caused it. The tetanus shot started as a sharp prick in my right arm, and an even more painful poke as it was pulled out of my arm. The meningitis shot was even worse. When the needle protruded my skin, it felt excruciatingly painful, and it was like a fire touched to my arm when it was pulled out. As a result, I couldn’t move my arms because their was a bullet hole planted in each of my arms.

Gee, nurse, thanks. Now I can’t lift my arms. Yay.

As a reward for my painful endurance, I got a lollipop! I was like, Yes! but then I thought, How am I supposed to lift it to my mouth? Great.

My award for the tough en

7 responses to “Immunizations

  1. Sorry to hear your suffering! But I am glad to see you are a tough cookie! Your mentioning of bullet hole bought up my sadness of what happened in CT 😦

  2. Tetanus and meningitis are more painful because it takes longer to inject the fluids. Or so I’ve heard.

  3. Dude, you sshould see Promethium when she gets her shots. It takes her like 5 hours to fully “prepare” for the shot. And not seeing her in tears is a rare sight, too.;

  4. I could seriously not lift my arms. I had to ask Park Ranger to put my coat on. Then pain lasts for about a day, but it still is irritating if you lift your arms. Like now. Ow

  5. Are you exaggerating? Or could you seriously not lift your arm?? And I never knew that shots hurt quite that much… All the shots I get are more like someone’s fingernails poking my skin… In other words, not that painful.

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