Holiday Movies – Rise of the Guardians

 Today we went to the movies as a holiday surprise. We watched the Rise of the Guardians. It’s a great movie but personally I think it’s nothing like the previews – still a good movie though.

Basically the Guardians (Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and Sand Man) have a job to protect the children and give them dreams. The villain, Boogie Man, hates being forgotten and longs to be known again. He comes back to the world and changes the children’s dreams to nightmares. The moon chooses another Guardian – Jack Frost – to help protect the children. At first, Jack Frost doesn’t want to be a Guardian but after figuring out who he is, together the Guardians stop the Boogie Man and Jack Frost accepts being a Guardian.

It sounds a bit childish but the movie is really good! My sister liked the Tooth Fairy and my favorite is the Sand Man. I hope you enjoy the movie if you see it. Merry Christmas!


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