Time Freeze Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Freak! Pervert! What the heck?!” I say as I whip around, and I see Chase there.  He still stands there hugging me, but I notice that Calvina is standing at the door, watching us with her mouth open, then she runs away crying. He starts to kiss me, for about one second, but he made me mad. I knee him in the groin. He slides to the floor groaning, and I tell him, “Deal with it. This is what you get for making Calvina’s heart break. Watch what you do to me next time.” After I finish talking, I run out of his room to catch up with Calvina.

I find Calvina down in the basement, in the corner on the floor, sobbing her heart out. “Calvina,” I say in my best comforting voice. “Calvina, I’m sorry. Look, it was an acci-”

I get cut of by Calvina’s shout, “Oh really?” She looks up at me, I see her makeup is ruined. “It was an accident that he was hugging? I wonder how that happened, huh? Let’s see, maybe you were just randomly standing there, then Chase comes and ‘accidentally” trips.” As she says accidentally, she makes air quotation marks. “And he grabs onto you and he hugs you, is that how it happened? I’m sure it was an accident.” She says the last sentence in an angry and sarcastic tone.

“Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a total accident, but-”

Calvina interrupts me again, “Ha! I knew it! How could you?! You know I liked him! Why? Why would you do such a thing to me, I can’t believe we are sisters! Sisters would never steal each other’s crush!”

“Could you just let me explain?” I’m losing my patience. “Let me finish my story first, how can you blame someone if you don’t know the whole story?”

“Fine.” She sighs, obviously tired. “Go on.”

“Okay, so the present table was filled, and I didn’t want to have the cake be smashed, so I put it in the fridge.And I was like, I’ll bring it up to his room later. Then I go out to party, and when I was tired, I went to grab a snack. I go inside and finish eating. When I was done, I took the cake up to his room, and placed it on his desk. Suddenly Chase was behind me, and had his hand around me.” I decide to skip the part about the picture collage and the kiss– maybe she can still have some hope. “Now that I think about, how could I have not known the he was following me? I saw you there watching. So I got mad, and kicked him down there. After that, I started running to find you, and here I am now.”

“You expect me to believe a story like that?”

“Why don’t you just ask him?” I snap. The second I snap at her, I feel guilty. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to snap. I’m just tired.” Calvina gets up and starts walking away. “Wait! Where are you going?”

“To fix my makeup and to ask Chase a question.”

“Oh, got it, just wondering.” I watch her leave me. I decide what to do next, should I go back to the party or go check on Chase. Nah, I think. The party it is.

I walk out to the backyard, and I see Chase. I turn my head quickly, and walk to Abby. But I change my mind when I see her kissing with Jackson. I was about to go back inside when I hear one of my favorite words, cake. “Cake, cake, cake!” People were chanting. Mrs. Bass, Chase’s mom, comes out of the house, “Okay, quite down everyone.” Everyone shushes, Mrs. Bass walks over the where the cake is, and takes a knife, and starts cutting the cake. She places each piece on a plate and passes it to a kid. I grab a piece and a fork. I take a bite, and it melts in my mouth. It’s chocolate cake and peanut butter icing, delicious!

Calvina walks out of the house looking fresh and new, she takes a piece of cake and walks over to Chase. They start talking to each other awkwardly. Maybe it’s because Calvina saw the two of us kissing, or because Chase knows the Calvina likes him. Either way the conversation ends quickly, and Calvina starts walking my way. She looks sad. My heart hurts to see her this way.

She looks at me in the eye and says, “I’m sorry I doubted you.” I nod, accepting the apology.

Later around midnight, the party ends. One of my senior friends, drives us home. When I get home, I go and change into some comfy pajamas. I was right about to go to sleep, when Calvina comes into my room.

“What?” I ask sleepily.

“Just wanted to say thanks.” She replies.

“For what?”

“For kneeing Chase, and telling the truth.”

“Your welcome, now go to bed, we still have school tomorrow. Oh, and turn off the light for me!” Calvina walks out, and flips the switch. I quickly fall into a dreamless sleep.

The next day, I hear the alarm clock go off. Beep, beep, beep! Ugh, I hate that noise, I think. Of all the sounds they could have chosen, they had to chose this? I hastily press the button on my alarm clock, and the horrible sound disappears. I stay in bed for a couple more minutes, then get up. I put on a gray and purple Aeropostale long sleeved shirt on, and a pair of black sweats. I wash my hair, brush my teeth and hair. I put on my blue wrist watch, and a purple jacket. I run downstairs and eat breakfast. I eat some cold cereal with orange juice. I grab my backpack and put on my favorite Converse shoes, its black, and has three tongues in the colors, light pink, lavender and baby blue. Also the shoelaces are those colors, from light pink, to lavender, to baby blue, gradually changing colors.  I take my book out of my backpack, and start reading. After I read for five minutes, Calvina comes downstairs, her eyes swollen from crying last night. She finishes breakfast right before the bus comes.

“Hurry up, you slow poke!” I yell to her as I walk out the door. I get on the bus and take an empty seat in the front, Calvina comes and sits next to me. Next stop is at Chase’s house. I’m so nervous, we’ve been friends since we were born. But I kind of feel bad for putting him in the friend zone. The bus stops and opens the doors. Chase steps in, he takes his usual seat, which is the seat behind us. I don’t bother saying hi, because one, I don’t know how to face him, and two… Well just one reason.

At the next stop, Abby gets on and squeezes on to our seat. She looks happy, even her eyes twinkle with happiness.

“Jackson likes you right?” I ask. Abby nods. “Told you so!”

“Next subject!” Abby declares. “Have you heard the new rumor?” We both shake our heads. “Well, we’re having two new students! I heard it’s one boy and one girl! And bonus points, the boy is supposedly drop dead gorgeous!”

“Really?” I ask with excitement. “Are they coming today?” Abby nods her head again. Then I suddenly feel a pain on my right arm. “Ouch!” I exclaim while clenching my arm.

“You okay?!” Abby asks with concern.

“Yea…”I say in a shaky voice. Calvina looks at me with worry and question. I nod slightly. I secretly check my arm, my little clock mark is glowing purple and is burning hot. That means that some Changer is trying to go through time. I have to be quick, the second my mark stops burning and glowing, it would mean that they are in a different time period.

Chase leans over from  behind and grabs my arm, I shake it off and grab Calvina’s arm.

After Chase loses his grip on my arm, he grabs Calvina by the shoulders and asks, “What’s happening? What’s wrong with Amber?”

“I’ve got no time! I have to stop before they leave!” I shout to Calvina. “We’ll have to bring Chase!” I close my eyes and put a hand over my mark. I will time to stop, and say, “Obcasio concesso, obcasio concesso.” Which means time stop, time stop in Latin. I open my eyes, and immediately I feel dizzy, I let go of Calvina and put my hands on my head. I feel heat leaving me, and being replaced with coolness. The world spins, and eventually it goes dark.


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