The Barrier ~ Part Four


I stared at Andrew in shock. He was always the one who didn’t like squashing bugs underneath our feet, yet here he was, someone who’d just murdered another human being. Unbelievable.

Well, technically she wasn’t human anymore, but still.

Anyway, a hole opened up in the sky – which, by the way, was now yellow tinged with a little purple – and two armed guards from Tian came down.

“Miss Miller, I believe you have just committed a serious crime. Speaking the name of Amarillis Magnolia Yasmine is a serious offense.”

Derek asked snarkily, “Well, didn’t you just say it yourself?”

“Mr. Miller, we are not asking you to talk.” Whoops. I forgot to mention that Derek was my brother. Of course, he’s older by a year and a half, about Andrew’s age. The thing is though, we look different. I mean, I have blond hair and green eyes, but he has brown hair and blue eyes.

“Miss Miller, follow us. Now,” the other guard said. “If you don’t, well, we’ll force you to come. Trust me, you don’t want that.”

Andrew spoke up. “Hey! She wasn’t the one who said the name! It was A.M.Y. who said her own name!”

Both the guards frowned, but the shorter one, who spoke first, now said, “But it was Miss Miller’s voice. I swear, it sounded just like her.”

“Yes, and that was A.M.Y. faking my voice.” I said.

The shorter one, who I was beginning to think of as “tomato” because of his red face, looked skeptical. “Oh? And where is she now?”

I smiled triumphantly. “She’s right-” I whirled around. “There!”

And then I gasped, in utter astonishment. “She was there just a minute ago!”

The taller guard had a sneer on his face. “Sure she was there. And my the sky is yellow.”

For the first time in a while, Rina started talking. “Actually, in case you haven’t noticed, the sky actually is yellow.”

Tomato glared at her. “You know what he meant! Miss Miller is guilty of committing a crime, and all lawbreakers must be punished! Miss Miller, you will serve 3 years in jail.”

I gaped at him. “Tomat- Sorry sir, but I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING!!!!!! Andrew, you do have the knife, right?”

I turned to Andrew desperately, wishing, hoping, that he hadn’t chucked it away. Strangely, I think I saw a glimmer of guilt flash across his face before he replied, “Lani, I don’t have it. Now stop lying and fess up the truth.”

What did he just say? No, he didn’t. He couldn’t have. Why…?

Tomato and the other guard smirked. “See? He admitted that you were guilty of crime. So, like he said, fess up already.”

I, however, ignored him and faced Andrew, rage on my face. “How could you?! I didn’t do anything, and you know it! I- I thought you- I thought- Never mind.”

As my voice broke near the end, I couldn’t help the tears that threatened to spill out over my eyelashes. It was just- Andrew lying to get me in jail? And all this time I thought we were friends, and might- just might- be more than that someday. And now, it’s all ruined.

When I realized that he’d betrayed me, all the fight left me. “Whatever, do whatever. I don’t care anymore.”

The guards looked stunned, but then took a length of rope and tied my hands together behind my back. I could feel the pleasure at succeeding radiating off of them, even without using my power.

Derek and Rina just stared at me. “Lani, they can’t just-” Derek started.

“Yes, we can, and we will,” stated non-Tomato.

Rina looked like he was trying hard not to cry herself. I knew though, that once I was gone, both of them would turn on Andrew and…well, I don’t know. But I knew that it wouldn’t be pretty.

The hole opened up once again, and the guards took me through it. It lead straight into the dungeons, where I was chained to the wall by a single chain, around my right ankle, and extending only ten feet.

Immediately after I was chained, the guards left, slamming the dungeon door shut behind them.

And that’s when I burst into tears.

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  1. It’s a scrumptious story darling

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