Today our sixth grade had a Culture Day. It’s the day when everybody in the sixth grade brings a little something from a family tradition. Alot of people brought food to sample. Being me, I brought how to play 24 (if you guys know what that is) and spring rolls, or chun juan. For first hour in math, we just went around, visiting other peoples posters. SCRATCH THAT! *ahem* We just nwent around stuffin our faces. Much better. There was an assortment of foods; rice pudding, seweets, blueberry muffins, white chocolate pretzels, Korean Popcorn (yum), and beer crackers. Then we rotated to Mrs. Hubener’s room. There was even more food and everyone was thinking what I was, “Shouldn’t have had breakfast.”

In Mrs. Hubener’s room, Our face were stuffed with bacon and water chestnuts, candy canes, coffee cakes, slushies, party mix, and chocolate. Although we protested, the teachers brought us to the last classroom on our list: Mrs. Osbourne’s room. Despite my bursting belly, I had five of Shannon’s delicious Swedish meatballs and Dani’s swedish meatballs. Richelle brought Mexican hot chocolate, and Jilian made crack balls (No, don’t be perverted and think of the other thing. It was crushed oreo and cream cheese mixed together dipped in chocolate) Graham’s peppermint bark was really QUALITY!!

Culture Day as so fun because I got to learn about other traditions and lots of DELICIOUS foods. I didn’t have lunch because I was in a food coma…….. 😛

2 responses to “CULTURE DAY!

  1. I have a friend who was supposed to have a Greek festival thingy today, but…school was cancelled.

  2. Wow, sounds like you had a pot luck party!
    Other than those tasty bites, could you also share with us about the different cultures that you learned? Such as interesting or unique things in some culture…. What culture elements did you introduce to others?

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