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Time Freeze Chapter 2

Please don’t mind the random bolded parts. When I copy and paste it, that just happens… I don’t know why though.

Chapter 2

Calvina pulls me off my bed and says, “Come on! Are we going to bake the cake for Chase or not?”

“Ugh..,” I reply, not wanting to get up. “I can’t get up.”


“There’s a force that is keeping me down on the bed and I can’t overcome it. “

“Oh, really? What is it?”


“Okay… How about… Gravity?”

“Nope, laziness”

“Wow…” She exclaims in a sarcastic voice. “I can’t believe you are related to me.”

“Okay, Okay, I got it. I’m getting up.” I push myself up and walk to my desk to grab my laptop, then we walk down to the kitchen. When we get down I set my laptop on the island, and turn it on. I go and find a recipe for red velvet cake. “Hmm… Let’s see, I found a recipe. We need 250 grams of sifted cake flour, pinch of salt, fifteen grams of cocoa powder, 300 grams of sugar, two large eggs… Do we even have all these stuff?”

Calvina looks around the kitchen for all the ingredients and supplies we need and answers, “Yea, apparently we do.”

I answer sarcastically, “Surprise!” We stare at each other for a second, and start laughing. I stop laughing and say, “But seriously, I didn’t think we would actually have any of the ingredients. I mean, we haven’t done any baking in so long. So, anyways, let’s start!”

We start off measuring all the ingredients, cake flour, buttermilk, sugar, butter, and all the other ingredients. Next, we mix everything together, but I accidentally turned the stand mixer on high when mixing the flour, so when we finished that part it looks like it snowed in the kitchen. Also when we were pouring in the red food coloring, we got some on our hands and the supplies. And the thing stains!  Finally, we pour it into two spring form pan that is lined with parchment paper. Then, we put it in the oven and wait for it to finish baking.

While it is baking, Calvina puts the cream cheese, icing sugar, and vanilla extract into a bowl, and I mix it together. We eat some of the icing as we wait. Before long, we could smell the goodness of the cake and soon the timer rang. I took the two cakes out of the oven, and let them cool and the cooling rack. While the cake cools, Calvina gets two icing bags ready and puts on a star tip, I both of them up, half full.

When the cake is cool, we each cut a cake in half horizontally, so it can be a four layer cake. I put a tiny blob of icing on the cake turntable to act as glue. Calvina takes some icing out of the bowl and slaps it on to the cake. She then starts spreading it out. I put the next piece of cake on top of the other and repeat what Calvina did. We do this two more times, but on the last piece of cake, we put more to cover the sides and top of the cake. We also took off any excess icing. Next, we take a piece of paper and write the words, Happy B-Day Chase!, in bubble letters and cut it out. Next, we place the letters in that order on the top to the cake. The third step was to put some cocoa powder in a sifter and sift a thin layer of cocoa powder on the cake. After that, we removed the pieces of paper and you could really see ‘Happy B-Day Chase!’ on the cake.


Our last step is to use our icing bags and make a border on the top of the cake and around the bottom of the cake. First, we did the top, my sister and I did rosettes, and on each rosette we put a tiny piece of chocolate. Then we move the cake to our serving plate, and did a shell border around the bottom of the cake.

“Done!” I exclaim proudly as I look at our cake we just made. Then I look around the kitchen and frown. “CURSES! Now we need to clean up our mess!”

My sister nods in agreement, “Better clean up before Mom comes home.”

The kitchen is a mess, there is flour all over the place, with red stains on all the supplies, and there is a pile of dishes that needs to be washed.

I groan, “Chase better like his cake. I call dibs on cleaning up the flour!”

“I hate you, Amber! Guess I’m stuck with washing the dishes.”

“Actually, wait… How the heck do you clean up flour? Do you use a broom and dustpan or something like a paper towel? Calvina, help..?”

“Hahahaha! Wow… figure out yourself, I mean, you called dibs on that job.”

“Fine! Be that way!” While Calvina starts her job, I stand there pondering for five minutes.  Finally, I stick with using the paper towel. After cleaning up, I go to my room and start working on homework. Math, science, reading, and all that good stuff.

When my homework is finished, I take a shower, and put on an aqua blue dress. The dress is strapless on one side and the other side has a ribbon and a bow.  I thought about stealing some of Calvina’s makeup, but I probably get laugh at for wearing it. Next, I brush my hair and put a light blue bow clip in my hair. Then I go to my closet and look for a pair of shoes, I decide to wear a pair of navy blue flats. After choosing my shoes, I get out the Xbox game I bought for Chase. I bought Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, so Chase can play with his friends and also because I want to play it too. I wrap the present in a black and silver wrapping paper.

That’s when I hear Mom yell, “Amber! Calvina! Hurry up! You got fifteen minutes!”

“Got it!” I yell back. If I don’t answer Mom will keep repeating the question ‘till I answer, I learned the quicker the better. I grab a piece of paper and make a quick card.  Next, I hold it in half hamburger style, and at the front write, ‘Happy Birthday Chase!’ Inside I write,

Dear Chase,

You never really cared about cards, but since it is polite to give a card, here it is.  Happy fifteenth birthday!

Amber Carlson

P.S. If you really read this far, please let me borrow Black Ops 2. Thanks! You would be my awesomest friend in the entire world!

After I finished the card, I tape it on the present. I run downstairs and find Mom on the couch waiting for us.

“Calvina isn’t here yet?” I ask Mom. “Well that’s expected.” Calvina was always the more girly twin, I was the tomboy. But that doesn’t mean I don’t care about how I look, I do, but not as much as Calvina. She’s probably going to take extra long today too, because she really likes Chase. Personally, I don’t think he’s that good looking. He has dark brown hair, green eyes, and a full lip. He’s about six foot five, he’s one the few people that is taller than me. I’m six foot one, and we used to have competitions about our height when we were little, but now the winner is so obvious, I don’t even bother about it. But it still irks me, ugh, even when I think about it, I want to kill him.

He is also one of the populars, all the girls in our high school know his name, even the junior girls that are a grade above us. But despite his popularity, he’s never had a girlfriend before. There are rumors about how he likes other guys, or how he had a girlfriend before, but his heart got broken, and he never got over it. The newest rumor is that he just isn’t the type that ask out girls, so he prefers girls to ask him out instead. I’m pretty sure none of the rumors are true, but I don’t bother asking him about it.

Now back to describing Chase, he is also very athletic; he’s on every sports team possible at school.  He also lives up to his name, he is the star of our school’s track team. Not to mention he’s ripped and super smart. He’s probably the second most intelligent in the entire school, I’m number one. This is one of the few things I can beat him at. Well, I get how Chase can be so popular, with his looks, athletic abilities, and smarts.

That’s when Calvina comes down the stairs, dressed in a short, puffy, brown dress, with a sparkly golden top, with some brown high heels. In her hand is a small golden bag that matches her outfit. Her hair is down, and in her hair is a golden flower hair accessory. She also put on some makeup, a bit of lip gloss, mascara, and eyeshadow.

“Do I look okay?” Calvina asks in a nervous voice. “Do you think Chase will like it?”

“You look fine,” I reassure her. “Chase will love how you look. Now smile and look confident, you’ll look even better.” I smile to boost her confidence more. “Come on, let’s go, we don’t want to be late for Chase’s party, do we? Oh, yeah, where’s his present?”

“Shoot!” She exclaims. “I left it upstairs! Give me a sec.”

“Got it, I’ll bring the cake to the car and meet you there.” Calvina runs upstairs, as fast as she could while wearing high heels, and trust me, it’s surprisingly fast. You will be amazed by what people do for love.

I walk to the garage, and get into our new blue 2013 Scion FR-S. I take a seat in the back and buckle up. Soon, Mom and Calvina walks into the garage, and also take their seats in the car. Mom drives the car to Chase’s house, which is about a five minutes away. In the car, Calvina is still adding touch ups to her makeup, form that you can probably tell how much she likes him. By the time we get there the party has already started.

Calvina and I get out of the car in front of Chase’s driveway. Outside in the backyard, there are people chatting and checking the clock. It looks like their… waiting? As we walk over to the fence to go into the backyard, we hear a loud cheer.

“The princesses of the party is here!” “You’re late!” “Hurry up! Chase won’t start the party without you two!” “Nice ride!” I choose to answer the last comment: “Thanks! we just got it.”

Chase comes walking over with three drinks in his hand, he gives one cup to me, the second to my sister and keeps the third drink for himself. He raises the cup into the air and says, “To Amber and Calvina!” Everyone repeats it and raises their cups to take a drink.

I raise my cup and say, “To Chase’s fifteenth birthday!” Everyone cheers and repeat what I say. They take another sip of their drink.

“To the food!” A guy yells. Everyone laughs and repeat.

“Gah! Can we just start the party?” Somebody in the crowd asks.

“Haha, yea.. Let the party begin!” Chase shouts with excitement. Everyone whoops and starts partying.  Chase is gulped up by the crowd, while I stand where I am and look around. I see so many people, I’m positive Chase invited everyone from school to his party. There are a couple sophomores, and juniors. One or two seniors, the rest are freshmans. At one corner, is a table loaded up with food, I bet my house that it could feed an army. At the deck, is a guy from school being the DJ. Next to all the DJ stuff, was another table, but this table wasn’t filled with food, it was filled with presents. Only there wasn’t enough space for all the presents, half the presents were on the ground. I decide that putting the cake and video game near the pile wasn’t a good idea. I place the cake in the fridge and the game in the kitchen for now; later I’ll bring it up his room. For now I want to start partying. I make my way over to the center of the party, and dance my butt off. A couple guys try to hit on me, but I have no interest in them, so I ditch them. I move over to where some of the popular girls are. As I go over, I noticed how well dressed the other girls are. I feel a bit out of place– they all are wearing dresses that probably costed a thousand dollars. Mine was on sale at the mall. I push that thought to the back of my head, and start talking with Abby, my best friend.

“Hey Abby!” I yell over the music. “Having fun?” Abby nods, but I can tell her head isn’t in this conversation. I follow her stare, and see that she is staring at Jackson. Jackson has been her crush for almost three years. “Go talk to him!” I say.

“What? No! I don’t want to look like an idiot! What if he doesn’t like me?” Abby tells me.

“Go! I heard a little rumor about how Jackson likes you! Who knows, he might make a move on you tonight.” Abby gains a bit of confidence and starts walking to Jackson. I watch her as she goes, when Jackson sees her coming towards him, I swear, his whole face lit up. Those two make a really cute couple; they are a match made in heaven. They both have blonde hair, and blue eyes. Both their eyes sparkle with curiosity when they learn something new. And they have the same interests, like science and Linkin Park. Soon, the two of them are dancing together. I decide it is time for me to take a break from dancing and eat a snack.

I go to the the table that has all the foods and drinks, and grab a can of Sprite, and a bag of Doritos, the Nacho Cheese type, which is my favorite. I go into the living room to eat and watch a bit of TV. Once I finish the chips and half of my Sprite, I decide now is ‘later’ and I am going to bring the cake up to Chase’s room. I take it out of the refrigerator and grab the present. I walk up the familiar stairs, turn left, and open the first door to my right.

Inside the room, is a bed at the right corner with a desk parallel to it at the wall. And all along the beige walls are posters of sports people. Near the foot of the bed is a blue backpack. The room is surprisingly clean for a barely fifteen year old boy.

I place the cake and present on his desk. That’s when I notice a picture collage near his bed. It looks like there is a girl in most of the pictures, when I take a closer look, I can see it’s me. “What the heck?” I mutter under my breath. “Why..?” I see pictures of the time when we went to the beach six years ago, when it was the first day of middle school, my thirteenth birthday party. It brings back so many memories. I was wondering how he gets all these, but then I remember that both our parents love taking pictures; that’s probably how he gets them.

“But still… Why would he..?” I say.

Then I feel arms around me and hear a voice whisper into my ear, “Because I like you.”