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The Things to Live for Chapter 2


By the way, there will be a new chapter everyday. Or at least I’ll try. Kaitlin wrote 15 so far. Now to the story! =]

I’m just going to pretend like last night did not happen. My parents did not yell at each other, I got a shirt to wear, and I didn’t freeze to death when I slept.


I get up like it’s a regular school day. I pick out a shirt out of the hamper and throw it on. I pile all my sort-of-finished homework into my backpack and gobble down a donut. And then I walk to school.

It’s a cold day and I immediately regret my decision of not wearing a jacket. I have to keep in shape everyday somehow so I just start jogging to keep myself warm. Cars pass me as I run. Once a convertible passed and I saw the girls inside giggle and point at me.

I guess you can say I’m popular. Girls flirt with me a bunch. It’s probably a combination of my name, my abs, and my athletic abilities. I also have amazing grades even if I don’t try. I’m basically the girls’ super cute Ken Barbie doll. I don’t enjoy it at the least. Of course, being a man I don’t say it to their faces.

When I reach school, my cheeks are hot in the cold and I’m sweating a river.

“Rock!” I hear someone yell. I turn around.

“Oh, hey Aaron.” I say.

“Did you seriously run to school?” he asks when he reaches me.


“You’re crazy!”

It wasn’t too hard for me, but I know for him it would have probably taken probably like twenty-five minutes. For me it took about five. Aaron’s a little on the pudgy side and is probably considered a nerd in my school. He says the only reason he doesn’t transfer schools is because of me. And the school lunch. He also says it doesn’t really make a difference anyway if he does transfer schools.

“So did you buy Black Ops yet?”

“Nooo,” I groan. “My parents had a fight last night ‘cause of money. I don’t know if we can buy it…”

“Oh, I just got this text and it cost WAY less. Come on! My friend, you must buy it.”

I nod. “I’ll try…”

“Freshman Rock Poency please come to the office please. Freshman Rock Poency to the office now.”

Aaron raises his eyebrows at me. I raise mine back at him.

“Well,” I say. “I gotta run.”

When I reach the office the principal swivels his chair and looks at me. It kind of looks like one of those movie scenes where the bad guy is behind the black spinning chair. Dr. Vitamin folds her arms over her chest.

“Hello Mr. Poency.”

“Hi, Dr. Vitamin.” I love her last name. What’s her first name? Multi?

“I hear you are in the KC Blazers swim team?” I nod.

“Well, we are running low on people who would like to join our high school swim team,” she says getting right to the point.

“And you’re saying that you want me to join?” I ask her. Is this seriously why she called me to the office?

“Yes. But that is not why I called you here. We are also holding an eating contest this year for all the five schools in the Blue Valley District. It is an honor. Each school has two representatives for a contestant. I know that swimmers eat a lot so I would like you to be one of them.”

Are you kidding me? She called me down to ask me of this? One odd of a principal here.

“Umm… Sure!” I quickly say.

“Okay, here is a paper that has all the information on it.” She hands me a purple paper.

“Have fun, Mr. Poency. And good luck.”

I join Aaron later as we sit down in Algebra.

“So what happened down in the office?” he whispers when the bell rings.

“They whipped me,” I say with my usual sarcasm.


“Multi-Vitamin asked me to join the high school swim team and to be an eating contest.”

“Seriously Rock.”

“I’m being serious.”

“QUIET CLASS,” Mr. Notrub screeches. “So you know we are holding an eating contest. These are the following representatives taking place in this contest.”

Someone whoops. The whole class leans in, most of them hoping they’re going to be in it. I would gladly switch with them.

“A girl and a guy: two contests. Our girl representative for Blue Valley High is Amelia Natur and our boy representative is Rock Poency.” Several heads turn to look at me.

“Yeah, yeah, it takes place on November 12 here after school. Come watch if you can.” He looks at me. “Yay… let’s give a round of applause for Mr. Rock. You better eat a lot…”

This week… is gonna be weird. I just know it.



The Barrier ~ Part Three

A/N- Uh…Here’s the next chapter/part or whatever you’re calling it!


Rina froze. Like, stopped dead in her tracks.

Lani turned to her and groaned. “What’s wrong now, Rina?”

And then, as soon as she asked that, I felt it. A demon, heading for us, and it would have collided directly with Lani in 3 seconds.

“MOVE LANI!” I shouted.

She was shocked, wasting a second of the precious little time she had before she would be killed. Then Lani’s brain kicked into action, an she jumped out of the way. The creature barreled between us, moving so fast that we didn’t even get a good glimpse of it. It fell through one of the many holes in Zhong, but promptly joined the rest of the swarm.

Thankfully Lani wasn’t hurt. If she had been killed, I would have blamed myself for the rest of my life. …No, there’s NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING going on between us. There is no reason for anyone to think that. I refused to ever fall in…never mind. It’s none of your business.

Moving on. Rina was even paler than normal, and she looked really shaken up.

“Come one Rina, if we don’t hurry, home will be destroyed.” Lani said. Trust her to be perfectly okay and not scared at all, even though she was nearly killed.

Not replying, Rina stood there, stock-still. I think she was hyperventilating, but you can never be sure with Rina.

Meanwhile, Lani shook Rina’s shoulder. “What is wrong with you? We’ve got to keep- Rina, there is nothing to be afraid of. At all. See, the creature is gone. Now, hurry up and get your fat lazy butt outta here!”

Whaaat? Why would Rina be scared? I mean, there’s nothing anymore except-

“Her. It’s her.” Rina whispered, and a cold chill swept down my back.

Not her. The one person who- No. I refused to think about it. All you need to know is that, while she may be AMAZINGLY gorgeous on the outside, on the inside, she’s got a heart of ice. Trust me. I know what she’s capable of doing. It happened to me. She was banished to Zhong, for eternity. Why? This girl, lady, whatever, committed the worst crime anyone of us could do. And for anyone to speak her name…well, it’s not the prettiest thing.

A tinkling laugh reached my ears. As my caramel-colored eyes scanned the area, I saw her.

She was still as gorgeous as I remembered her being, even though that was about 2 years ago. I was 15. She was 14, Lani’s age back then. And I thought she was the prettiest girl on the planet. Well, at least the prettiest in Tian.

Her black hair was still streaked with brown and a little blond, especially near the edges. It might look like she did it herself, but trust me, it’s natural. The dark brown eyes I found so mesmerizing back then now seem cold, and endless. Two tunnels of eternity. Her pale skin, and the most perfect nose any girl could ever wish for.

“Remember me, Andrew? I hear they banned my name to be spoken by anyone. Well, what can they do to me now? Nothing. Might as well defy their rules, since I don’t obey them anymore,” her feminine, high-pitched but still beautiful voice collided with my eardrums.

Then her eyes set on Derek. They narrowed in distaste, and she said with a sneer, “I certainly remember you.

Wow. Derek stayed where he was, and faced her evenly. “Yeah? That’s nice.”

She didn’t reply to that, and instead started talking again. “I also heard that if anyone says my name, they will be thrown into jail am I right? My mimicry’s gotten better, and I bet that, even if it was down here, if anyone said my name, they’d still come and take them away, right?”

What she was going to do suddenly dawned on me. “You wouldn’t.” I hissed.

She yawned. “I would. And I’m willing to bet that I could take you all down in a fight.”

She’s right. We would have stood no chance against her.

“Hmm…who’s voice should I copy?” And then her eyes strayed to Lani. A smirk crossed her features, and – too late – I remembered that she could read minds. So did she just – read what I was thinking about -?

“I think I’ll do yours. After all, someone who’s just passed the test and become an official member of Tian certainly still has to prove her trustworthiness, right?”

Lani’s eyes widened. “You-”

I slapped my hand over her mouth, but it was too late. She had heard Lani’s voice, and now knew what it sounded like. “Thank you so much, darling.

And then she started. “Amarillis Magnolia Yasmine!” she shouted, in an exact replica of Lani’s voice.

I lunged forward, with a knife in my hand. (Duh- did you think I was going into Zhong unarmed?) While Amarillis was unprepared, I stabbed her. She screamed, piercingly loud, and then fell silent forever. Falling backward, her mouth an O of surprise, I felt a pang in my heart for what she could have been, had she not chosen the dark side. The dull thud her body made when she hit the ground was horrible, but I was ready to go on.