Stower’s Holiday party

Yesterday, Rainbow Moonstone and I went to a party at Park Ranger’s work place. It is very close to the downtown library and the creek. We came in at 4:15, through a maze of colorful cars lined up in ascending rows of concrete. It was really cold, so when the coat rack generously left an empty space for our coats, some of us (or just me) kept my coat on. When we first came into the cafeteria, (where the party was), It was really pretty. There was a giant Christmas Tree decorated with sparkling ornaments and draping over presents that were dotted with bows. Rainbow Moonstone and I briefly toured the hors’douvres  line. Later, we came back after finding out seats, and we piled our plates (not really). There were fresh vegetables, Thai meatballs, (which we both THOROUGHLY enjoyed), Pita bread, Artichoke dip, crackers, and an large assortment of cheeses. For a while we took our time to pig out, then we went to the desert.

It was like a 6 year old fat kid’s heaven. Everywhere on the marble countertop was piled up with detailed and decorated cookies, brownies, popcorn, and an ice cream machine, with the most outrageous toppings. Rainbow Moonstone and I just skipped that. Then there was the little goo-goo ga-ga kidss rooms. Rainbow Moonstone and I thought it would really awkward to go in, but when Park Ranger came out, she told us there was free candy. The only thing we heard was free candy. Free candy. Free. Candy. (I think I’ve made my point)

So we stocked up on all the candies and goodies, regardless of how awkward it was. There were little silver paper bags that we filled up with candy canes, Reese’s, M&Ms, Gummies and non-perils, Kisses, and (something else I don’t remember).

What a great night. With lots of candy. That was free. So it was Free Candy. Free. Candy. (Okay, thats enough)

4 responses to “Stower’s Holiday party

  1. Haha. I also recently went to a party… They didn’t have free candy (sigh…) but they had cans of marshmallows which I ate freely and peppermint brownies and cake and cookies (that I made)… Yum… Though I do wish there was free candy.

  2. Ha, wow…free candy… Anyway, I have an obsession with the Hunger Games, so…wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, PITA BREAD!!! But wow, it doesn’t sound like you did much…no offense… I went to this party a while ago, it was the American Family Insurance thing, and THEY HAD A CAMPFIRE WHERE YOU COULD COOK MARSHMALLOWS!!!! And then put the marshmallows into S’MORES!!!!

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