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Violence is the Answer

Jade Featherstone had never been outside. She was pale, and her skin was lightly freckled. She was nothing like her sisters, Carlie, Jacen and Avery. Both had tan, bony faces. They had soft edges, and Jade’s jawline was strong. Once, Jade remembered she went outside as a child on their large farm, and her mother yelling at her to come inside when she saw uniformed men walking down the gravel path to the Farthing’s barn.

On Jade’s fourth birthday,  she remembered when Mother baked a pound cake, and when it was cut open, blueberries tumbled out. That day, They had buttermilk, and Katjie, the cat spilled some. Jade was about to walk towards the window where the spill was, until her Uncle Garth grabbed her by the waist and literally threw her on the old propped up mattress that served as a fragile  couch.

“Don’t you EVER go near the windows, again. Do you hear me Jade?” Uncle flared up. Then his composure returned, and he became gentle again. “Please, Jade this is for your own good.

Jade was now in closet, which was her room. Permanently, with the homely smell of rotting and moldy wood, the shredded linen of hand-me-downs stuffed in an extra large pillow case. Today was her 14th birthday. There would be no celebration. Only grievances that had to be redressed. Uncle Garth died the day of her 6th birthday, after a sight of Jade wass caught in the window.

Time Freeze Chapter 1

This is a story I’ve been working on for about two weeks. It was for Nanowrimo, which is the novel writing competition in November. I managed to get my word goal, even though I started two weeks late. I’m sorry it’s a bit long. (or really long… I’m on page 30, and it’s still not done… =.=”) Please enjoy! =]

Chapter 1

Hello to whoever is reading this! My name is Amber, and I am on my bed right now, just thinking about my horribly awesome, yet suckish, life. You have no idea what it is like to be a Freezer. It isn’t what you think it means; I don’t have food inside me– well I mean I do, but not like keeping frozen food. Ugh, so confusing… Here let me tell you in more of a straightforward way. I’m really a time freezer. I have the ability to freeze time.  Don’t you just wish you could do that? Well you shouldn’t. You’re probably wondering, “Why? It would be awesome to freeze time!” Truth be told, it really isn’t fun at all. I mean it is, but there is a price you have to pay. For every time you freeze time, you lose a day of your life. You’re probably wondering how you know how long you live, right? Well, there is one way to tell, once you turn six years old, on your back there will be a thing that is kind of like a tattoo. It marks how long you live with years, months, and days.

As I’m telling you this, my twin sister, Calvina walks into my room. We aren’t exactly identical twins, but we aren’t complete opposites either. We have the same small, round face, big eyes, and tall for our age. I have a darker skin tone than her, and she has green eyes; I have blue eyes. Also, while she has curly dirty blonde hair, I have straight brown hair. You also might be wondering if she is a Freezer too, but she isn’t. The day my family learned that I was a Freezer created a big wall between us two sisters, and it lasted for what felt like forever.


I remember it like it was just yesterday. It happened eight years ago on my sixth birthday. It was a bright day with no clouds in the sky. Most of my family and friends were at my house for the party– aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, neighbors and all those other people. Calvina and I were playing tag with our two of our cousins, Mark and Amanda, and our parent’s friend’s son, Chase.

“Haha! You’re it!” I said to Chase as I went up to him and tagged him on his elbow. I ran like a cheetah to as far as possible from him, as he faked a growl. Calvina pretended to scream, and ran with Chase on her heels. She hid behind Mark, but Mark ran away too. Finally after a long chase, Chase got Amanda. It wasn’t long before Calvina was it.

“It’s not fair!” Calvina said to Amanda with a pout on her face. “You and Mark are three years older than us! You should play fair for us!”

Just as Amanda was about to reply, Mom called us over to the table for lunch. I had ran to Mark and hopped onto his back for a piggyback ride. Then, there was a sudden moment of darkness. During that quick moment, I felt a sting on my right arm, at the wrist. When everything went back to normal, I checked on my arm. At first I didn’t see anything, but I looked more and saw a little circle with two lines in it, one line started at the center and reached the edge of the circle, and went upward. The other is slightly shorter, it also started at the center but went to the right. The two lines formed a right angle, it kind of looked like a clock. That was when I noticed that nothing was moving. I was so frightened, you could probably imagine. A little girl, that just turned six years old, stuck in time. Of course, I didn’t know that time had stopped, everything just stopped moving, I was the only thing still able to move. I was at the edge of crying when suddenly, everything started to move. It started little by little. First I felt wind, then the grass started swaying, and eventually Mark was running towards the table again.

When we had finally got to the table, Mark slid me down and put me on a chair. That was when I got over my surprise, and I started rambling on about what happened.

“What..? Huh? What just happened? It got suddenly dark and, and there was this sting, and then… then everything wasn’t moving. No. Wait, I think everything stopped moving then I felt a sting. I think… The sting was on my right arm, and I had this thing on my arm. Kind of like a tattoo. It looked like a clock, see.” I said it while pulling up my sleeve and showing Amada, Mark, Chase, my sister, and Mom. “Then everything started moving again, but slowly, one by one. Then Mark was moving again. And here I am.”

Mark and Amanda starts laughing, “Haha, you have a great imagination! You should tell stories more often!” Calvina and Chase were laughing along without a single care in the world. But only my mom looked worried. Her eyebrows were scrunched up, and I was able to see her wrinkles on her forehead. She went over and told what I said to Grandma Claire. At the exact same time a dark cloud rolled into the blue sky. It hung there by itself, signaling something bad was coming up.

Mom came back later and said, “Who’s ready for dinner?” Everyone exploded with cheers. “I’ll take that as a yes.” As Mom said that she had a thin smile on her face. Back then, I wouldn’t have noticed, but now that I think about it, it was to cover up her concern and worry. It wasn’t really effective.

Millions of plates filled with food was on the table. In the center of it all, was a three layered cake. After, I ate many different types of foods, such as, chicken, sushi, lettuce wraps, pizza, fish, corn, and too many to count.  Soon, it was time for the desserts and cake. We had different flavors of ice-cream, chocolate, cookie dough, rocky mountain. We also baked cookies, and brownie cheesecakes. The cake was delicious! I can still remember the taste, and the design. The first layer was like the beach. It had graham cracker crumbs that looked like sand, on the top and side of the cake. On the top was little buckets, shovels, beach towels, umbrellas, beach balls, palm trees made out of fondant. My favorite had to be the one, lonely sand castle with the tiniest little red flag. Even now, I still wonder how they made it. This layer tasted like a s’more, it had chocolate cake, with marshmallow icing mixed in was graham cracker crumbs and chocolate ganache. The next layer was decorated like the ocean. There was a blue backing, with blue icing gel on it in the shape of waves. There was a bit of white at the top of each wave, other than that and some fish, the design was pretty simple. Inside was a checkerboard cake. It had vanilla cake that was colored a sea blue, and chocolate that was a dark blue. It rotated colors and flavors, sea blue colored vanilla cake, dark blue chocolate cake, vanilla, chocolate, you get the point. The middle was vanilla buttercream with salty caramels, to make it kind of salty like the ocean. The final layer was supposed to represent the sun setting. So it had light pink, orange, and purple, and on that had tiny birds drawn like a m. It was plain vanilla with a cookies and creme filling. And on top of the last layer, was half a yellow circle, that was supposed to look like a sun, on it it said, Happy 6th Birthday, Amber and Calvina!

I ate a little of every cake; I’m pretty sure I gained like, fifty pounds that day! After my stomach was full and the sky was dark, all the kids there went to catch fireflies while the adults were pointing at the night sky and naming constellations. We started playing hide and seek, then shadow tag. Soon, my legs were so tired, and my eyes were forcing themselves to close. I almost fell asleep in my hiding spot. But Mark found me and brought me to my parents, who were around the fire. All the other kids were there too! It was time for us to tell stories. This was like a tradition for us, we did this every time when it was our birthday. We sat on the grass, me on my Mom’s lap and Calvina on Dad’s lap.

Grandma Claire starts off with her story, the one that is passed down in our family, she says it every time. Grandma Claire began her story, “Hundreds and thousands years ago, on a island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there lived a couple. One day, they were visited by a god. The couple had no idea who it was, but the couple was kind and took the god to their home. The god stayed there for a month, and the couple never rushed him to get out. Finally, on the last day, he revealed to the couple that he was really a god. And because the couple was always so kind to him and took care of him, he granted them one wish. The couple was always lonely and had no children, so they chose to have a daughter. The god also gave them a mission for their heirs. He had said, ‘The daughter you are going to get, is going to have the special ability to freeze time. And all her heirs, that is a girl, and left handed will be a time freezer too. They will be identified on their sixth birthday, and they will receive a mark on their left arm. And be careful of the Changers. The Changers have the ability to time travel, and they go through time and change it. They change it by grabbing something they forgot, or helping someone to change a situation. Which makes the future different, and Freezers need to make sure they don’t change the future. So the point of the Freezers are suppose to save the world from the Changers. Only one shall completely destroy the Changers. All others will only stall time before the Changers completely change the history and future of the world. The one that will finish off the Changers will fulfill the prophecy:

Mark and hand opposite,

Past, present, future, all is possible.

The traitor, the expected, and the loyal,

Shall help bring the world down.

One shall die,

but the world will be at peace.

Then the god just left, without even leaving a name. Later, they went to search his room and found a diary. The diary was written by the god, and had all the information needed to train a Freezer. As the little girl grew, the couple decided that they needed to get of the island. They traveled to Europe, and trained the girl inside their house. Before long, the couple was old and their daughter was going to be married soon. The old couple passed the book down to her, and told her to pass the story and book down to her heir, and have her heir to pass it down to their heirs. They also told her to have heirs trained properly, so that one day the world can be safe from the Changers. Now we still are passing the story, and I believe that there really are freezers and Changers. But who knows? It’s been a long day, I need my beauty rest!” Grandma Claire finished her story and picked up her cane and went upstairs to her room the sleep.

After all the other stories, everyone went to bed. That was when the bad omen began. Mom came to our room when Calvina and I were being tucked in by Dad. Mom began talking to me. “Honey, remember that story Grandma just told, the one about the Freezer? Will it’s true, and you happen to be the Freezer of this generation. I thought it would be Calvina, due to the fact that she is left handed. And our family believes you are going to be the one that will fulfill the prophecy. Because it says, ‘mark and hand opposite’  and you happen to be right handed and you have the mark on your right arm. Here is the thing though, you must not tell anyone about this, got it?” She ask Calvina and I both. We nodded our heads, but Calvina had a pout on her face.

“That’s not fair! She stole my destiny!” Calvina declared. “I deserve to stop time! How could you? We were sisters! You always get everything because you are the older twin!” She turned around and went to sleep. I stared helplessly at Mom, wondering what to do.

Mom patted my back to comfort me, and whispered in my ear, “She will get better, she’s just jealous. She might ignore you for a while, but she’ll come by. ‘Kay? Now sleep tight, tomorrow we need to start your training.” She left the room and closed the door. I tried to sleep, but excitement and sadness kept me up. Finally I fell asleep.

The next day, Calvina still wouldn’t talk to me. That lasted for like two weeks, I tried to make up with her, but… You know what, nevermind. Back to the main story.