Forever and Always – Part 4

Yes! Saturday! Carter thought. He jumped out of bed and quickly changed into a pair of jeans then slipped a sweatshirt over his pajamas.

After he finished brushing his teeth, a sweet aroma of pancakes and Grandma’s home-made maple syrup slithered up his nose – wait – Grandma’s maple syrup? Grandma was here!!

Skipping down the stairs two at a time like a three year old on Christmas morning, he ran towards the dining room yelling “Grandma, Grandma!!”

Carter’s grandma has white-blond hair with bright blue eyes. It was said that when she was younger she used to be a fashion model.

Carter’s grandma enveloped him in a bear hug, “Oh, my pumpkin-lumpkin, you’ve grown so much!!” Carter resisted wiping off a big and smoochie kiss and smiled back. “Yo mama’s running some errands so I’m ‘ere till lunch.” Carter’s grandma said. Whoo- hoo! Carter thought then asked “Grandma, can I go to Lakeside Forest?” crossing his fingers. “I ain’t care ‘bout nothin’ poochkins, just have some pancakes first.” Carter punched his fist in the air then generously dug in to a stack of pancakes.


Chloe smiled, soaking in the warm spring weather. She knelt by the lake, lazily dragging a stick through the water. With a feeling of happiness, she flopped down on her back, making out shapes from the clouds. “Hey Carter, I think that one looks like a heart” Chloe turned her head and smiled. With a pang of grief, she realized that she smiling at an imaginary Carter. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps interrupted her thoughts. Slipping into James Bond mode, she ran and hid behind a bush near the lake.

The footsteps came closer and closer. Chloe panicked, what if it was the police? How dumb could she be? Of course they’d notice if she had been missing for a week! She risked a glance from behind the bush and nearly fell. Carter!

Chloe stepped out from behind the bush and Carter stopped in his tracks. “Hey” Chloe said cautiously. “Hey” Carter replied back. Then, as if a spell was broken, they both ran into each other’s arms sobbing “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

After a tearful reunion, Carter invited Chloe to his home to teach her things she missed at school while she was gone. After that everything went back to normal. Almost.


“Chloe, where have you been?” Mrs. Tumberly asked. “I went on a…er… a vacation. My mom was supposed to…er…email you. Did you…er…not receive it?” Chloe replied, racking her brain for excuses. “I’m afraid not. Mrs. Dollarhide did not receive it, Mrs. Argentine and all your other teachers did not receive it and for heaven’s sake even the principal Mr. Gibbson did not receive it.” Mrs. Tumberly glared at Chloe. “Well, I’m terribly sorry, this won’t happen again. I promise.” Chloe gave the puppy face, staring at Mrs. Tumberly with her big brown eyes. Mrs. Tumberly sighed, “Go sit down. Do you know what we’ve learned?” “Yes, Carter taught me. Thank you Mrs. Tumberly.”

“Now class, these fractions – Carter and Chloe stop talking!! As I was saying…” Carter and Chloe sighed; Mrs. Tumberly will always be herself. Carter handed Chloe a note and winked. Chloe smiled as she read it. Lakeside Forest after school? I might have found a new herb. Finally Chloe had her Carter back, and Carter had Chloe back.





3 responses to “Forever and Always – Part 4

  1. Haha, I forget to add anything about Chloe having to go potty!

  2. Oh wow, it’s over… Nice story!!!!!!!

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