Sorry, I hope this doesn’t sound too much like I’m bragging, but my mom wanted me to post this on the blog… I know it’s kinda late to post this because it’s about the State competition, but oh well. And it’s almost like a story…

The trophies sat, gleaming, on the steps as the two ladies announced the results for Plan C, Grades 5-6, Group Three. I waited while they called everyone up for a Certificate of Participation, hoping that I won. My heart pounded in my chest as I waited silently for the list of I Ratings to begin. Several people I knew were called up to receive I Ratings, and I almost expected my name to be called. But when it wasn’t, a flood of relief washed over me.

My hands clenched together as I wished that I wouldn’t be called for an Honorable Mention either. All I really wanted was a trophy. Not a medal. The three or four names for Honorable Mention were completed, and excitement started building up in me. I had either gotten Runner Up or first!

The Runner Up was called, and when it wasn’t me, I was actually disappointed for about half a second before I realized what that meant for me. Just when I realized it, my name was called for first. The victory I had worked hard on for months was now here, and mine! I hoped and didn’t want to hope (just in case the opposite came true) that I would be first. I walked up to receive my trophy, and I just couldn’t stop a smile from spreading across my face.

4 responses to “Winning

  1. Your writing brought me back to the moment with every details I missed. I still could not understand or remember how I could not hear the announcement. Thank you for recording in vivid details of what happened, your anticipation and excitement!

  2. Congratulations to your winning! Your hard-working and dedication paid off. So happy for you. This is also a very good writing, too. Lots of details make me feel like I was there with you. I can picture how you felt during the results announcement. At the end, I was smiling with you by your side. Thank you for sharing your joy and happiness with us!

  3. Thanks!!

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