On Wednesday, I went to Joplin, Missouri to do community service for rebuild Joplin. I had to wake up at 7:00 am and went to 195th and Antioch at McDonald’s. We went there to carpool to Joplin, because it’s not convenient to bring, like, 10 cars to the middle of Missouri.

I carpooled with Mulan, Katrina, Elaine, and Erin Bailey (who was my awesome friend from fencing). It was a 2.5 hour car ride from Kansas city to Joplin. On the way there Katrina, Elaine, and I were talking about randoms, and how LUCKY PEMBROKE STUDENTS ARE HAVE i Pads FOR THEIR OWN RECREATION because Mulan and Erin were playing Minecraft in the back. Minecraft is pretty awesome.

Our entire group, (Cindy Wang, Cindy Wang, Andrew Liu, Bill Liu, Regina Yan, Mulan, Erin, Katrina, Elaine, Bryan,  me, Eric, and freddy.) got a brief orientation of the tornado that destroyed Joplin. Then the under sixteens went to an empty lot to use sledge hammers and tear down a concrete foundation in room to build a house. It was really fun, because it was a day to be angry. We would swing the hammers into the foot-tall walls and they would crack. The other girls were raking the smaller debris out of the dirt lot. Mulan, Erin and I also carried the really heavy and really big concrete blocks into the giant trash bin.

5 responses to “Joplin

  1. So did you accomplish anything in Joplin? Or did you just played with sledge hammers?

  2. I’ve never used sledge hammer either. It must be pretty heavy. Re-building Joplin is not an easy and quick job. Glad that you got to contribute!

  3. Dang, you are LUCKY!!!!!!! …even though I have my own iPad. Bust still, I wish I could’ve used sledgehammers…

  4. Yes, we each get our own ipads and all our textbooks are on there. It’s awesome. the sledgehammers were SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

  5. Oh wow, the sledge hammers part sounds like a CRAP LOT OF FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what do you mean by the Pembroke students getting their own iPads? Are you saying that the school actually GIVES them iPads?

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