The Barrier

Author’s Note: I’ve gotten kind of stuck on my Skyra story, so I think I will just discontinue it. But I promise, THIS story WILL BE FINISHED. ABSOLUTELY. Okay?


I stared at my reflection in the mirror, seeing what I always saw. Blond hair, green eyes, and pink lips. Just an average sixth-grader. Nothing special or extraordinary.

I only had three hours to get myself ready for The Assessment. Either the pride and joy of your family, or their disgrace. So a lot of pressure was weighing on my shoulders.

All The Assessment was was just a test to see how well your powers were developing. Mine were pretty advanced, at least according to my friend Sabrina. I could sense emotions. When I used my power, people turned into colors. And the colors all represented different emotions.

All people with powers could also telepathically communicate. So that’s what I often did with Rina. And Andrew. They were my two best friends. Period.

Going to my closet, I tried to find something suitable. Not a dress, but some training clothes. I decided on a white tank top and sweatpants.

Rina barged into my room without knocking. She has a bad habit of doing that. Anyway, she asked, “You ready?”

“No.” I said.

“Too bad, we’re leaving anyway.”

And with that, Sabrina  Eline Fracot grabbed my wrist and practically dragged me out of the room.

When Rina finally let go, I rubbed my wrist. Then I looked up to see that we were outside, and the sky was gray. Not good. The last time someone had an Assessment on a gray and rainy day, well… it didn’t turn out too well.

The courtyard we were in was wide, with a fountain in the middle, and gardens surrounding it with bright yellow, pink, purple, light blue and white flowers.

Suddenly, a group of people materialized next to us. They were the people who would be testing me, I guess.

Rina bowed. I remained still.

“May I present the only Delani Cassandra Miller.” she said, in a formal voice.

One of the people rolled his eyes. “Rina, stop that.”

Rina immediately relaxed. “Nice to see you, Derek! How’re you doing?”

“I’ve been fine, lately.”

Another person, a middle-aged woman, interrupted their conversation. “We need to see how well Delani’s skills are.”

I surprised myself by talking. “Call me Lani.”

She glanced over at me. “Alright then, if you want.”

The group spread out and faced me. I looked at them nervously. What was I supposed to do?

Derek explained. “Lani, you have to use your powers. We will be watching and doing stuff, to see how well your powers are.”

I nodded, and then we were all silent. Focusing hard, I tried to sense the emotions of the people around me.  Within a few seconds, I felt the world shift slightly, and when I looked up, the people were gone. Replacing them were their emotions. Most of them were concentrating hard, a few were relaxed, and others were tense.

After a few minutes, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do, so I just stopped. The people became people again, and they looked at me approvingly.

I sighed in relief. “Did I pass?” I asked.

“Yes.” one of them replied. The circle then disbanded, and Derek went to talk with Rina.

I cleared my throat. “Rina? What do I do now?”

“Whatever you normally do.” she said, and waved me away.

Well, that was helpful.  With nothing to do, I started to head home when I heard a scream.

Without another thought I raced back, my powers already working, to find a little girl, out of breath from running, with a dark aura of fear. The darker the aura is, the more scared that person is. Right now, that little girl was, on a scale of one to ten for fear, a twenty.

Rina was already there, brow creased in worry, as she asked the little girl what was wrong.

“Demons have broken out of Di! There’s a huge hole in Zhong!”

Everybody who heard gasped. Di was also known as The Ultimate Prison, for demons. Zhong was The Barrier. It had been keeping out demons for centuries. I mean, there were a few leaks every now and then, but never a huge hole like the one the little girl said there was. The place that we live, Tian, is just Sky.

So if Zhong was breached, then it won’t be long until the demons come storming to us, and kill us. We were the ones, us with powers, long ago, who drove the demons away and imprisoned them in Di.

Andrew materialized next to me. “Lani, the demons are coming!”

“I know!” I tell him.

“No, I mean, they’ll be here in a few minutes!”

6 responses to “The Barrier

  1. Good job! Keep writing!!

  2. I LOVE the chinese! You really need chinese names becuase seriously, Lani being old dirt is not right

  3. AHHHHH! I was thinking that was a good story in the beginning, but when there was Chinese I was like AAAAAWWWWW YYYYYEEEEEEEAAAAAAA!
    You should have chinese names too, like Yue Liang (Lee-Anne)
    Tai Yang (??)
    Shu Zi (Zia)
    Zhu zi (Zio)

    • Dang, you recognized the chinese FAST!!!! I don’t really want like, chinese names, I was just thinking that having a Tian, Zhong, and Di would be pretty cool! Anyway, should I split this into chapters? Oh, and, if you want chinese names, you’re gonna have to help me come up with those for Lani, Rina, and Andrew. Heh heh. Oh yeah, ad Derek. See, in my opinion those names are just too American for chinese. Make sense?

      • Heh heh……
        Lani= Lan ni= old dirt

        Delani could be Di (as in ground), Sabrina/Rina could be Sa (as in sand) or Ri (as in day), Andrew could be An (as in peaceful), and Derek could be Derp. 😛 I mean…..

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