Forever and Always-Part 3

Chloe tumbled out of bed, her hair a mess. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, she got out her flint kit and quickly made a fire. The crisp, cool, morning air had already made its way through her clothes. Slipping on a coat from a hook near the door, she walked outside breathing in the fresh air. Dew drops shimmered like diamonds on dancing blades of grass. The lake sparkled in the rising sun.

As she walked back in, she noticed a note taped on the door.

Dear Chloe,

                        I’m extremely sorry about that night. I will admit I went a little crazy. I hope you know that I didn’t mean to call you what I called you. I wonder if you will ever find a way to forgive me.



          At the bottom of the note was a necklace.  Flowers carved out of thin, delicate pieces of gold were grouped together. In the middle of each flower was some kind of precious stone. This was hung on a sparkling string of silver. The flowers were put in a way so that it made a shape. A heart. Chloe stuffed the necklace at the bottom of her bed then ripped the note in half.

She knew that the fight was the silliest thing in the world but, after what Carter called her, in her opinion, this was a great reason to be mad. After taking a couple of deep breathes, Chloe pulled out a knife and a loaf of bread then took a jar of honey. After eating a meal of rich honey and bread, Chloe took a basket and walked outside.

Without hesitation, Chloe took a path that led deep into the heart of the forest. She finally reached a clearing where herbs grew everywhere. She got to work right away.

Beep, beep, beep! Carter groaned as he reached out to slap his alarm clock then when back to sleep.

Five minutes later…

“Carter wake up!! You’re going to be late for the school bus and I’ll have to drive you to school again!” Carter’s mom yelled, banging on the door. Carter groaned and stuffed his head under his pillow. His mom walked in, ignoring keep out signs plastered all over his door. “Carter wake up!” his mom yelled again. Carter responded this with yet another groan. “Humph! It’s not my fault that you were up till midnight doing your homework because of what reason I don’t know. Sounds suspiciously like sneaking out to someplace.” Carter’s mom siged, “Two minutes and I expect you to be downstairs ready for breakfast.” then Carter’s mom walked out and slammed the door.

“Bossy old lady” Carter grumbled then tumbled out of bed. Three minutes later a boy with a ridiculous bed-head and his shirt on backwards walked downstairs. The way he was walking you would have thought he was a zombie.

Carter’s mom started the engine then turned around and glared at him. “This is the last time I’m taking you to school mister.” Then she snapped back around focused on the cars in front of her.

As Carter got out of the car, he was stopped by a girl named Ashley. She was part of the “popular crowd”, you know, every school has one.

“Hey Carter!” Carter rolled his eyes then slowly turned around. “What” he grumbled. “Awww,” Ashley cooed with mock sympathy, “You look tense. Up all night worrying about your girlfriend?” Ashley expertly tossed honey colored tresses over her shoulder as her friends broke down laughing. Carter turned red then walked away mumbling “She’s not my girlfriend.”



2 responses to “Forever and Always-Part 3

  1. I like this!!! And no offense to Chloe or anything, but she has serious anger issues.

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