Aleta and the magic bean: My old Story

Guys, All the unfamiliar names mean something in a language. Aleta is Italian. Look it up.

Aleta clicked her fingers once and she started to shrink. Her back arched, and short soft fur sprouted in place of her cloak. Her ears grew tall, and a cottony tail sprang out. In a few heartbeats she had turned into a graceful doe. She had to escape before the huntsman found her and killed her, because the evil queen thought she was Snow White. She was also running away from the Sultan, for her was fooled into thinking that she was Jasmine, and wanting her as a wife, was obviously after her. The Big Bad wolf was drooling for his dinner, and so did other story villains such as Captain Hook.

Aleta {fawn} dove into the depths of the nearest lake after galloping quite a distance. She could hear the Sultan’s raspy voice nearing. She clicked her hooves together once and again transformed into a leaping sunfish, bright red, and flashing as she swam into the channel to the sea. She blew two bubbles into the seawater and as she leaped into the air, her fins extending to become wings, the tail separating to form talons on a webbed foot. At once she was a blue heron. She flew to her secret hideout where her friends, (the other fairytale characters) where.

She was panting hard. Belle, or Cate ran up to her, her feet pounding on the floor of the cave. “Are you okay?”

She pointed to all of them, the princes and princesses, dukes, and duchesses. “Everyone-*pant*-here owes me-*pant*- twice as much as-*pant* a golden lorfax-” Then she broke into a coughing fit. Cinderelly/Sophia gasped, “What’s wrong?”

Carson, who was also no character at all, said, “She’s laughing.”

Can’t  see where we are? Let me describe. All of the fairy tale characters were gathered in an underground cave, making themselves at home for about, oh, I don’t know, a year now. Other than the fairy tale characters, there were the charaless. Character less. They played no characters, but now they were important, for they provided cover, shelter, food, and water for them. Only 10 of them charaless had superior knowledge, all-seeing eyes, and one power.

Aleta was one of those 10. Unfortunately.

Carson (One of the 10 Charaless and her secret crush) ladled out a thick golden soup into the mutilated earthenware bowls that the starving Fairytale characters’ bowls. They all sipped hungrily at it, but soon lost their appetite when Beest/Graham started to slurp disgustingly. Belle/Cate, whom he was dating, told him to mind his manners. “Cate, if you haven’t noticed, I’m not in the shape to use a fork and knife for soup,” Graham said, pointing out the way she consumed her portion, “and I’m too hungry to take little sips. It smells so good. Carson, what’s it made of?”

Carson flicked his head so that his coarse blond hair parted to the side and smirked, “Do you really need to know, Beesty-Boy? Only the best recipe in the Kingdom! Vegetable roots, two grooslings from another book called the Hunger Games, and gnomes’ droppings, all boiled in Betelgeuse.”

Prince Charming/Andrew gagged. “Ya mean dat y’all boiled dis in Beetle juice?” Chang/Timothy (from Mulan) spat onto the ground and rubbed his mouth on his sleeve. Carson Shook his head. “No, not Beetle juice. Aleta extracted liquid neutrons from the flaming star, Betelgeuse. Pretty impressive.” Aleta Blushed.

Graham’s eyes widened in disbelief. “I’m okay with roots and grooslings, but GNOME’S DROPPINGS AND NEUTRONS??”

Aleta snatched her arrow off of the makeshift rack although she would have rather used her sling. “Shut up! I hear something outside!” She turned into a flying Fox and took off.

Moments later she fell in, puffing and her arm streaming with blood. “Its Captain Hook and the Sultan! Scram, kiddos!” Alison helped her limp into the emergency hideout place that she dugout. Suddenly that ground started to shake. Back and forth and back and forth, until pebbles, then rocks, then boulders started to tumble down their side of the cliff overhang. Avalanche.


Carson, compressed in the fallen debris, squirmed until a shaft of sparkling sunlight fell onto his face and lit up the area in which he was squeezed. He wrenched his arm free and punched through the beam of light. Carson sucked in his breath slowly, but heavily, taking in fresh, crisp, air that was scented of smoke. Smoke! Carson whipped his head to the right, which shook some debris out of his hair, and spotted a thin thread of wispy black smoke. He cleared a path by raising his hands palm-up and all the boulders in his path were floating. Straining with a throbbing vein in his temples and quickly moved the out.



3 responses to “Aleta and the magic bean: My old Story

  1. awesome story! you should keep writing!

  2. That’s amazing! Are you going to keep on writing?

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