Forever and Always Part 2

Ring, ring, ring! “Ok, class, don’t forget to do that page of reciprocals and I need those essays on Wednesday…” Carter rolled his eyes, “Oh my god, hurry up “Mrs. Chatterbox”, the bell rang two minutes ago!” he thought. Carter could hardly resist jumping out of his chair when Mrs. Tumberly said her last sentence, “Have a good day!” Carter raced to his locker and grabbed a couple of books, hoping they were the right ones, then hopped on his bike and pedaled home as fast as he could.

While Carter was at school, Chloe had been at work tidying up the cabin. The cabin was surprisingly very roomy yet cozy. A coat hung on a hook near the door. There were two cabinets, one filled with different medicines made from herbs and berries from the forest or medicines from Carter’s house. The second cabinet had silverware and whatnot. Pushed to the corner, was a desk set with stationary. On the corner of the desk was a stack of yellowing papers tied with gold silk (actually, Carter and Chloe had dipped the paper in water with yellow food coloring and tied them with gold ribbon). The papers were the recipe for the medicines made in the forest.  In another corner was a fireplace. A small potbelly pot stood next to it. A bunk bed was pushed to one side of the wall.

Chloe shouldered of her backpack and unpacked her things, water bottle, water purification tablets, flashlight, flint kit, energy bars, rain poncho, and a picture of Carter. Chloe looked at the picture with misty eyes. All of a sudden she was at her house, the night of the fight.

“I don’t want a crossbow for my birthday, I want a bow and arrow!” Chloe said irritably, “You’re just greedy, you’re making me spend my money on an expensive bow and arrow!” Carter shouted. Chloe rolled her eyes, “I told you already, I wanted a bow and arrow but if that’s not the case then I’d rather get something else!” Carter muttered a word then walked out and slammed the door. Chloe stood, mouth open and eyes wide with shock. She had never imagined that Carter would say that word, especially calling her it. Her surroundings swirled before her and she was back in the cabin.

Chloe sat down on the bed , sinking into the worn out mattress. She clutched the picture, chest tight. Staring at the picture, what she saw was a good friend, someone who listened, someone who would be able to work things out.

Carter had blond hair that swept over his eyebrows, mischievous blue eyes that sparkled like the sun over the ocean, and a crooked smile. Angrily Chloe ripped the picture in half and threw it in the lake.

About 10 miles away, Carter was arguing with his parents. “I’ll finish my homework later, right now I need to go to Lake Side Forest!” Cater sighed. “No, you and Chloe are probably going to do those strange things you’ve been doing such as taking MY MEDICINES  and you’ll get so into your little game that you’ll forget to do your homework!” Carter’s mom said while washing the dishes. “But Mom, I will do my homework-’’ “CARTER DAVIS, you are not going to Lake Side Forest, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!” Shocked and terrified, Carter ran up to his room. He took a second to catch his breath then smiled slyly.

Carter opened up his window and went to his closet. Hidden in the forest of clothes was a ladder. Carter carefully extended the ladder to full length and lowered it out his window. With small careful steps, Carter slowly descended down the ladder. At last his feet landed on firm ground. He folded up the ladder then hid it behind a row of bushes on the side of house. Taking a shaky breath, he sprinted towards Lake Side Forest. Carter was off.

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