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Aleta and the magic bean: My old Story

Aleta clicked her fingers once and she started to shrink. Her arched, and short soft fur sprouted in place of her cloak. Her ears grew tall, and a cottony tail sprang out. In a few heartbeats she had turned into a graceful doe. She had to escape before the huntsman found her and killed her, because the evil queen thought she was Snow White. She was also running away from the Sultan, for her was fooled into thinking that she was Jasmine, and wanting her as a wife, was obviously after her. The Big Bad wolf was drooling for his dinner, and so did other story villains such as Captain Hook.

Aleta {fawn} dove into the depths of the nearest lake after galloping quite a distance. She could hear the Sultan’s raspy voice nearing. She clicked her hooves together once and again transformed into a leaping sunfish, bright red, and flashing as she swam into the channel to the sea. She blew two bubbles into the seawater and as she leaped into the air, her fins extending to become wings, the tail separating to form talons on a webbed foot. At once she was a blue heron. She flew to her secret hideout where her secret love lived. What can I say? Young crush.

She was panting hard. Belle, or Cate ran up to her, her feet pounding on the floor of the cave. “Are you okay?”

She pointed to all of them, the princes and princesses, dukes, and duchesses. “Everyone-*pant*-here owes me-*pant*- twice as much as-*pant* a golden lorfax-” Then she broke into a coughing fit. Cinderelly/Sophia gasped, “What’s wrong?”

Carson, who was also no character at all, said, “She’s laughing.”

Can’t  see where we are? Let me describe. All of the fairy tale characters were gathered in an underground cave, making themselves at home for about, oh, I don’t know, a year now. Other than the fairy tale characters, there were the charaless. Character less. They played no characters, but now they were important, for they provided cover, shelter, food, and water for them. Only 10 of them charaless had superior knowledge, all-seeing eyes, and one power.

Aleta was one of those 10, including Alison, Shannon, Carson, Nikki, J.P., Simran, Avni, Preston, and Christina.

Forever and Always-A Story of Fights in a Friendship


Part 1

            Chloe ran into Lake Side Forest, tears streaming down her face. Her feet pounded on the mulch covered trail, leading away from her crazy mother, away from her so called friend.

The trails winding through the forest would confuse anyone, but Chloe knew them by heart. She and her friend Carter have roamed these trails every day. They knew the secrets of the forest, where the sweetest berries grew, where herbs grew in luxurious clumps, and where poison ivy ruled, ready to brush upon your skin.

Last night’s fight with Carter crept into Chloe’s mind. Chloe blinked back tears and pushed the thought out of her mind. Somewhere far away the school bell rang. Chloe smirked, let Carter have a kick out of that. Chloe was skipping school, just like she and Carter had planned. They both knew the plan would never take action, their parents, or rather Carter’s parents (Chloe’s dad died and her mom went crazy, now she basically lives with Carter) would find them or call the police.

Chloe finally reached a beautiful lake, the lake that gave this trail its name. She walked towards a magnificent old willow tree. Pushing past the willow’s long graceful branches, she arrived at a small cabin, sheltered by the willow’s branches. Carter had taken some lumber that his father wasn’t using. He and Chloe built this cabin together. The cabin was big enough to fit two.

Meanwhile, Carter stared at an empty desk as Mrs. Tumberly babbled on about reciprocals. Mrs. Tumberly’s voice grew fainter and fainter as thoughts churned through Carter’s head; she must have gone to our hideout, he thought. Carter thought about Chloe, how her soft caramel colored hair tumbled down her shoulders perfectly, her warm chocolate eyes and brilliant smile. Chloe was very attractive. If you asked anyone, they would say “Athletic and incredibly pretty”. Carter thought about how he had taken Chloe as a friend for granted all those years. He couldn’t bear it to think about losing Chloe. Carter decided to go to Lake Side Forest after school. And that was final.