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Asya & Yesfir My old Story

This is the legend. The legend of the confessors. You may know two of them already, Linky-Karis Robinson and Mia-Ta Rathjen. You have heard their tale, now you will hear anothers’. Asya Kalashnikov and Yesfir Rykov. She is the changer and she is the sacrificer.

Asya and Yesfir stood, staring out the window, and watching their school being destroyed. Yesfir’s auburn eyes portrayed despair, and Asya clenched her fists. Her deathly grey eyes grew fierce, her iris burning a scarlet mahogany. Their school was the third to be attacked by the French. French. Ever since the FRENCH student, Aude, came, everything was troubled. All the girls in the academy were attracted to her Arlinda hair and her Lujayn eyes.

Asya was sick of her. As they sheltered in the safety of their mastera’s home, Aude complained, “It’s so hot! It’s too cold! I’m hungry! Maestra, do you have a biscotti? Can we go now? My hair is frizzing up! My scarf is getting stiff!” Just as Aude walked by, Asya muttered under her breath, “Becchan.” Aude whipped around, “Did you call me Becchan?”

“Um… It means tired…”

“Hm. It does?”

Truly Becchan meant troublesome girl. And truly, she was a Becchan girl. Of course, every one in the academy wanted to be the fashionista like her, and dyed their hair the color of arlinda and wore lujayn contacts.

Asya stared straight into Aude’s eyes. Her irises transformed from the fierce and burning scarlet into liquid black and filled her entire eye. Aude turned pale and fell to her knees.