Daily Archives: September 24, 2012

when Kathryn ran the mile

(I’m just writing how it felt to run a mile at school)

Kathryn sat on the top seat of the cool, silver bleachers. She watched Maasen’s class start running on the track below. “GO!” Everyone was dashing off, and around the track. Kathryn shoved an earphone in her ear, and listened to PSY Gangnam Style.As she listened, she cheered Christina on her mile. “You can do it! I know you can! WOO! OPA GANGNAM STYLE!”


Finally, It was Sample’s class turn to run. That meant Kathryn. “SET, GO!” Everyone sprinted ahead of her. Her feet pounded the track as she started to average out with the others. Her earphones waggled, making the acoustics of Honesty by Billy Joel waggle out too. The they fell out, and she swung them around so they landed in her hand and then she shoved the working one in her ear. This kept going on, running, then slowing down. By the third lap, Kathryn was agonizing. Yes, she was smiling, but if you studied her face well enough, through that smile was a look of anguish.

Finally, carrying on her fourth and last lap, she clutched her side, and slowed down. Ellen slowed down with her, “Are you okay?” Kathryn was too out of breath to answer. She just breathed hard and held her thumbs-up.

Kathryn looked up. Jake, Rhys, Avni, J0, Makenna, Goy, and Rylie were all in from of her. I HAVE to beat Jake. He’s so annoying! I’ll show him what he called a loser. Kathryn sucked in her breath. She pumped her legs far, up and down, pointing her toes after bouncing off them. Closing her eyes, she sprinted. To the end.

After she was done, she looked back, breathing like a machine. She passed them all. And her time was 8:57.