Here are some…..

Here are some story beginnings that I won’t finish. I am a procrastinator and I will probably not continue these. I am writing them because I feel like they are good story beginnings.

1. Once upon a world, there were 8 creatures. They controlled all of the world. Their names were Earth, Water, Sun, Moon, Fire, Wind, Poison, and Life. They were having arguments with Poison, because she was tricking her sisters into eating, drinking, or doing things to poison themselves.

Moon and Sun, who were the youngest, as well as twins, Hid under Earth’s rigid wing. “Help us, Earth! Poison has made yellow bumps on our snouts!” They cried unanimously. It was clearly visible. Yellow splotches pushed their way all over Moon’s silver snout, and the same on Sun’s scarlet scales. Water saw the rickety argument as Earth summoned sharp boulders at Poison’s way. Poison cast her magic on tendrils of ivy, and commanded them to tangle up her sisters.

Water stormed up to Poison. She lifted her huge claws and let the ice rise and trap the ivy. Water, who was a neck taller than Poison, swatted her sky-blue tail at Poison sharply so that the sharp shard of ice pierced Poison’s skin. “Dare you! Have you curse this beautiful plant! It will now be called poison ivy. And do not harm our little ones! They are your youth!” Water spat shards of ice towards Poison, towering over her like a dinosaur. Water was about to unleash her rage on Poison, when Life came down and stopped her.


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