Horse Back Riding – A Great Experience.

For my sister’s birthday we went horseback riding at Saddle Creek Stables. The experience was amazing! Those who know me would know that I love animals! There was an old man that taught us commands and how to ride then assigned us horses. I was old enough to have my own horse. My horse was a beautiful albino speckled in brown. Her name was Lea.

We got to ride on a trail in the woods and then had barbecue in a meadow. I was a little nervous at first because I was actually riding alone – like without anybody holding the reins. But, Lea was so sweet and gentle. Riding a horse was actually really easy. At first I was horrified at the idea of kicking the horse on the sides but all the horses feel is a little tap.

I really like my mom’s horse too, Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter is a BEAUTIFUL bay. The perfect shade! My sister rode with my dad, she was too small. My dad’s horse’s name is Valentine. Peanut Butter is actually Valentine’s mom! There was another family with us too. Their horses were Irish, Pocahontas, and Ms. Gunner. All of the horses were females.

Finally, after the two hour ride, we came back to Saddle Creek Stables. I was so sad that I sighed out loud and moaned under my breath. Right now I still miss Lea a lot. After all, she did take me over streams, up steep hills, drop offs (now you see why I was nervous). I really wish we could go back again!!

2 responses to “Horse Back Riding – A Great Experience.

  1. hmm…. my sister might like that for her birthday too…

  2. sounds very fun! Whose idea was it to have a horse back riding birthday party? Very clever.

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