My Old story

(All of my flashbacks are written in different colors.)

Blood stains. Everywhere on the carpet there were blood stains. A trail of bloody footprints led to the wall. And on the wall was written, “No kill. lesson taught. Price paid. Lesson 2. Next time.” in blood.  Who’s blood? “No-!” She saw the mangled body of Neil, a large gash across his leg; injured the worst. But then she stopped and cringed at the pain in her stomach. Dazed, she looked around. Mia, Caden, Shannon, Lukus, Alice, Nathan, Neil…. She named the friends that had resisted with her. What did they resist against? Before she knew it, her eyes blurred. The world before her swirled before her to a stop, her head lolled back and her head hit the floor with a deafening noise. Black. Gone.

This is the tale of Karis. Linky Karis Robinson. Make that Linky Karis Juntas Carnoff Mary Robinson. She doesn’t know why; why everyone gasps every time she says her name. Especially her full name. She has deathly gray eyes, that can morph black. She can do things with those deathly gray eyes that she has never regretted. She can do things with those deathly gray eyes. She can do things no one else can. This is the tale of Karis Robinson. She is the one.

“Karis, what’s going on? You’ve been acting unusual lately. Even for Karis.” Alice let her hand flutter towards  Karis’s forehead, as if to feel her temperature. Mia trotted over and gently stuck her chin out to face Karis as they walked to science. “Yea, you are like, placing things in weird spots and then watching your watch then in precisely 37 seconds, someone picks it up and says, I lost it!”

                “I-,” Karis clutched her head painfully. “I’m having serious migraines. I just can’t handle them.” 

“Well, we’ll catch you if you fall.” Alice joked.

Liquid Black. It filled her vision. She was shaken. Karis’s lids fluttered open. She saw a peach colored blotch. Slowly, the blotch wavered into a face, almond shaped eyes, pale lips, ruffled black hair. Alice.

Miss Liz cooed her students, “All right, class. Let’s go outside for out next experiment!” She skipped outside with the students walking alongside their friends. Miss Liz was talking to the students about the variables of the experiment. Well, really she was talking to herself because she thought the students were listening. 

”Hey,” Mia peered into the sky with an arched eyebrow, “What the heck are those clouds doing??” 

“Karis! Wake up! Please! Wake up!” Alice was bent over Karis, her deep brown eyes staring into hers with a portrayal of grief. She forgot what Karis’s deathly gray eyes could do, and she slept, and doubled over. Only Mia knew what was going on, for she was another. She was another. Another one.


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