My Old story

Blood stains. Everywhere on the carpet there were blood stains. A trail of bloody footprints led to the wall. And on the wall was written, “No kill. lesson taught. Price paid. Lesson 2. Next time.” in blood.  WHo’s blood? “No-!” She saw the mangled body of Neil, a large gash across his leg. But then she stopped and cringed at the pain in her stomach. Dazed, she looked around. Mia, Caden, Shannon, Lukus, Alice, Neil…. She named the friends that had fought the battle with her. 

This is the tale of Karis. Linky Karis Robinson. Make that Linky Karis Juntas Carnoff Mary Robinson. She doesn’t know why; why everyone gasps every time she says her name. Especially her full name.

3 responses to “My Old story

  1. If this is your old story, when did you write it?? Or is My Old Story the title?? Because if you did write it when you were younger…that would be really weird. But it’s really interesting.

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