My blog

Hi people, just to let you know, I made a blog just for Fanfic and fiction stories, you can put them on there, if you want to read my story but don’t want to give me your email, I can try to keep putting it on there. The blog is private, but I’ll get an email and probably grant you access, depending on who you are. Heehee. Anyway, just in case you think I’m thinking something bad, there’s nothing wrong with the Shinygems wonderland, I just kind of felt like making a blog. And you need the address, if you want to go on; I won’t blame you if you don’t.

If you don’t get access immediately, don’t worry, because I should check my email at least within the next day, so you might have to wait a day or so. If you decide to check it out, thank you, and if you don’t want to post anything but just want to read the stories, that’s fine too.

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