Picking apples

Yesterday we picked apples from our apple tree, and OMIGOSH they were gigantic, and red! We used an old wooden ladder to get to the the branches, but we still couldn’t reach the apples. So what did we do? we took a wooden pole with a hook – made from a wire clothes hanger (credit goes to my dad)- and pulled the apple branches down to catch the apples. I got a few, but the old ladder was so shaky that I stopped, because I thought I would fall .  We separated the rotten apples from the good ones. And… to prevent the apples from smashing on the gravel- as well as spraying apple guts all over my arms (ew)- we laid picnic blankets and cardboard  under neath the tree, and slowed down the fall. But rotten apple guts were still splattered EVERYWHERE. We were basically doing a favor to Mother Nature by feeding her rabbits, flies, birds, and stray cats, (they are not actually stray but I call them that because the owners let them go out side.). Now we can make delicious recipes such as apple turnovers, apple pie, applesauce, apple mush, apple juice, apple chips, apple leather, and frozen apples. WE ARE ALL APPLED OUT!


5 responses to “Picking apples

  1. Sounds realllly good…but wouldn’t you get tired of eating apples?

  2. Yummy!

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