My Third day of School

Yes! I survived! The third day of middle school was rough; I was late to first hour, which was math. Good thing that it was mercy week. Second was Mrs. Zhou’s science class. (She is married to a chinese dude but she is actually American; I know, it is misleading). Third…….hmm…..AHA! Spanish with Senorita Garcia. But thats only for A days. on B days, third hour is Strings class. Fourth class is your exploratory classes. My Korean friend, Allison Sur Park, has F.A.C.S. for her exploratory. Mine is Speech and drama, taught by Mr. Steffen. 5th hour is C.A., and Mr. Hervey took us to the lirbrary! Then we had lunch, and then Gym for 6th hour. 7th hour is Mr. Hastings for S.S.; And to top it off, I have Mr. Hervey again, for reading.

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