WOOHOO! Today I went to Schlitterbahn Water Park.When I first got there, I THINK I went to the Lazy River. There wasn’t a sign. Anyways, Green Zircon and Blue Spinel, and their siblings were there too! That made my experience a lot ‘funner’. After a chilly, long ride, I took a tube, and Went to Raging River because the line for Storm Blaster was too long.


Raging River is probably the Worst ride there. It is really rough. I mean, I know that  most water rides are supposed to rough, but this one crashes you into one wall, then the other, and the other. I also scrapes your butt.

Storm Blaster is the best! IT is basically a giant water slide. After it is over it leads to another series of short rapids called King Kaw. Brrr. I was feeling chilly. Most of the time I was trying to either keep up with Blue Spinel, or try and slow down to wait for her. She was just perched in her tube, too cold to move. I was moving because it was making me warmer.

After the gusting gales, we decided to got to the kiddie/bar pool to get warmer. I got a pretty good workout, piggy-back ridding Rylie, Jennifer, and Amber while being their human car. I think they all had a crush on Green Zircon, because all they said was, “Chase Bryce! I wanna sit on Bryce! I want Bryce! Bryce! Lets go get Bryce!”

I Love Shlitterbahn. I LOVED IT SO MUCH! IT IS FUNA ND FOR ALL AGES! (with the exception of Mr.Raging River. Thumbs down fer yew, ye old butt-scraper!)

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