Heather N. bowed her head over the limp sheen body, the fluffy orange fur matted down from the rain, a pool of blood encircling it. She knelt down, weak in the knees. Her tears were hidden by her medium-length brown hair, and the heavy rain that pattered on the the paved road. A Cadilliac was swerved away from the dead thing, crushed like a can.

Dead. Squirrel was dead. Squirrel was the best thing that had ever happened to Heather N., and now he was dead. Even Nate, her oldest brother thought Squirrel was nice dog. No more play fights, no more stolen sausages. No more rapid licking when she got home from school. No more fun. No more freedom. No more.

Six years ago

“Momma! Can I have that dog? Please? He’s so nice!” Heather’s stepmother grumbled something under her breath. Then she said, “No!”


11 responses to “Squirrel

  1. Awww (tear), keep writing!

  2. My mom said she’ll buy me something if I get first, but if I get second, I have to pay half the price. I got second when I was in third grade, my first time in State Auditions, but I’ve never gotten first. Sadly.

  3. Good luck on getting Park Ranger to buy you a dog!! My mom says I can have a dog when I get my own house…dang it.

    • Park Ranger says I can get one if I get AT LEAST second place in the State audition. Tough luck 4 me. I can only enter piano becuz my violin teacher doesn’t do audition

  4. Did your friend’s dog die?

  5. She is still really depressed, even from 3 years ago. One of her brothers committed suicide, because his parents were abusive to them, and Squirrel wasn’t there. I hope you enjoy this story. Heather won first place out of 6,000 people in Kansas; after writing a touching poem about Squirrel.

  6. I think that this story may persuade Park Ranger to get me a dog. This is a Real story with a few twists about my friend Heather Night’s Dog.

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