The War of Venner (part 1)

Journal #1

            I hope you’re reading this Jake. Something that happened yesterday changed my life forever. I traveled through some portal thing and got jacked across outer space to some weird place called Venner.

Well, back to the beginning. After we finished those boring classes at school, I got on my bike and headed home with you on that road with lots of small hills. You remember that, don’t you? We kept on riding until we got to the place where we split up going to each other’s houses. Getting home was about ten to fifteen minutes or so biking past many stores, houses, buildings, all that good stuff.

As I said before, something changed my life forever when I was home. When I stepped up the stone steps of my house, just when I put my hand on the golden doorknob, I heard people talking. I knew my mom was one of them because I could tell by her voice and because she’s always at home cleaning the house and making dinner for my family. The question was who was the other? I decided to listen for a little longer just to make sure I really didn’t know this person. Then, I realized I actually recognized this voice, but I just couldn’t seem to remember that person. I thought for a few long seconds. It then came to me this guy was my uncle. Yup he’s my uncle. He’s the one with mountains of money. He was the one that turned my basement into a giant arcade for my eleventh birthday. He also gave me that hi-tech hoverboard which was basically a skateboard but had weird feet holders, jet engine on the back that never turned on, and two jet engine hover things that made it hover.

Anyways, my uncle was the epic uncle that everyone wanted to have. When I turned that gold-painted doorknob, my mom didn’t seem happy at all. She was almost at the point where she would cry for a pretty long time. The only words I could spit out were, “What’s wrong?” They both looked at me with a look that told me to just simply shut up. The look scared me a little and I sort of hopped a little as I got the message and backed up to the stairs where I went up to my room to lay down a little when suddenly my uncle busts into my room. Uncle didn’t look happy, not at all. He looked in fact, nervous. My uncle never was like this. He was always a jolly guy and almost never had a negative attitude.

“Have you ever seen me like this, Carter?” asked Uncle.

He didn’t even need to listen to my answer, he just went on.

“Then you should know how important this is,” he continued.

My mom went to the master bedroom and took a nap. Something didn’t seem right about Uncle and mom never takes a nap unless she’s like really upset, like so upset her eyes could blow up with tears. The chances of that happening were like one out of a thousand days. When that happens though, you do not want to be near her because last time I tried to help out, she kicked me in the butt pretty hard and sent me flying over in front of my bedroom door. Trust me from where she kicked me and where I landed, it would’ve been around three or four meters apart. So I’d keep a distance from her when that happens.

“Carter, get your hoverboard and give it to me,” said Uncle.

I went in the garage and got it out and passed the gadget to Uncle. He turned it over which he told me never to do because I might accidentally turn it on and set that blue hover burning fire thing or whatever it was in my face and get maybe a really bad fourth degree burn. I definitely don’t want that. If I got that burn I would most likely just simply die.

Anyways, he turned the thing over and took off the battery casing thing. There was some kind of red switch on it that my uncle flipped. He put back the casing and turned it over.

“Now get on and turn it on,” he said.

Getting on was simple. All I had to do was put my feet in the feet holding things and pull the strap there to tighten it. I flipped it on and the board came to life, but this time the booster thing on the back was turned on. Controlling it was simple. Just lean forward to go forward, backward to stop, and either side to which side you need to go to. When I leaned forward to test it out, I went like seventy miles per hour. It was just unbelievable. Uncle got on his hoverbike and rode with me to an abandoned parking lot. I didn’t even know there were abandoned parking lots in New York City.

To my surprise, the place was still lit up. We got off our vehicles and looked at the place. It was an underground parking lot which was pretty unusual. In front of the entrance was an old beaten wooden sign that said, “Turn back now!” That was exactly what I wanted to do because the parking lot was creepy. Uncle and I went in and saw a hobo sitting there with a bunch of newspapers under him for some kind of bed. We passed him silently watching him shiver with cold in his ripped t-shirt and tattered shorts. We walked through the place and came across this giant glowing eye. I jumped back like I did at my house and watched as the eye came out into the light and I realized it was some kind of one eyed dog that creeped me out so bad that I fell over onto the concrete floor and hit my head. His woof of a dog was more like a monstrous roar. He scared me in so many ways. The creature had razor sharp teeth and claws, a monstrous roar, and most of all a huge eye that told you he was hungry.

“It’s a quig,” said Uncle.

“It’s a what?” I asked.

“It’s a quig.”

“What’re those?”

“I’ll tell you later. Right now, we need to get out of here.”

He was right. That quig was about to pounce on us at any moment now. This quig looked like he hadn’t been eating for days. Maybe weeks even.

“Carter, run!” Uncle said.

I ran out of here as my Uncle said, “Look for a door, I’ll meet you there.’” I kept running and running like a maniac looking left and right for a door with a picture of earth on it. I turned around to see if I missed it somewhere, but what I found made my heart stop. There was a quig bigger than the last was chasing me from afar. This guy was gaining up on me, quick. Those guys are quicker than regular dogs, by far. For some weird reason, these quigs kind of acted like lions rather than dogs. Now he was ready to pounce on me. He leaped seven feet in the air and then, KABOOM!! I heard a gunshot that echoed through the ominous cavelike parking lot. The quig was shot right through the stomach and roared out in pain. He fell down from his giant leap and hit the ground that caused a small earthquake for a few seconds. Blood was streaming down from its wound and its eye slowly closed. I saw more quigs charging in for trouble. But then, I realized they were going after the wounded quig for a nice dinner.

I couldn’t tell where the bullet came from, but then my uncle came in and said, “Like my new Desert Eagle?” I never knew Uncle ever even had a gun. I went over and gave him a hug.

“Why am I here?” I said.

“I’ll explain later but right-”

“No, tell me why I’m here or send me home.”

“Well . . . we have to go help some people.”

“Help who? Help them with what?”

“That would take me forever to explain and . . .” he pointed at the quigs in front of us. They were very close to finishing up their big feast.

“Okay then,” I said. “Let us get out of here.”

We ran out of that place fast. Like literally, seven or eight miles per hour, running. We both forgot about everything that happened right there because we were focusing on getting away from the quigs and running. After a while, I saw this dim light that flickered every once in a while.

“Is this it?” I asked.

“Yup, we are here,” answered Uncle. “Now say what I say.”

“Now say what I say.”

“Very funny, Carter.”

“Very funny, Carter.”

“Okay that’s enough.”

“Got it.”

He looked at the door and said, “Venner.” The door opened and when Uncle went through the door he disappeared. I tried the same thing, “Venner.” The door opened and when I went inside, I was teleported into some weird world. This place was weird, it was snowing when it was ninety degrees on Earth.

Uncle was changing his clothes for some reason.

“Hey, why are you changing your clothes?” I asked.

“They don’t have anything we have on us in Venner,” he replied. “Here, change into these.” He handed me some animal skin stuff that people here probably wear.

“Do I have to take my underwear off too?”

“They don’t have boxers in Venner.”

Gee, the clothing must’ve felt itchy for Uncle. But when I out them on these animal skins were like pajamas. They were real comfortable and soft.

In the corner of my eye I saw a mane. I turned around and saw these funny looking lions. “Hey are those lions?” I asked.

“How many are there?” asked Uncle.

I counted them three times.

“I got twelve,” I said.

“We’re going to have to use this,” Uncle said as he pulled out a sled from behind the bushes.

The sled was made of cracked wooden planks reinforced with some leather. There was a spear shaft on the side with a giant one meter spear with a sharp arrowhead made out of a stone I couldn’t really identify. The bottom sled things were made of a really heavy type of wood. They were really stiff and obviously really strong. To steer the thing there were two leather cords which you’d pull to steer. The big snow slope was the steepest mountainside I’ve seen, and with all those giant monster lions, we’d never even get close to escaping.

“All we need out is one,” said Uncle.

I was wondering what he meant then I remembered in the parking lot. All it took was one to distract all the others.

“Are you ready?” asked Uncle.

Honestly I wasn’t but just to make my uncle feel good I said, “As I’ll ever be.”

That’s when the quigs smelled our scent. They roused from their sleep and spotted us. We were just too late. My fault I guess. I asked too many questions. These quigs acted much swifter and more aggressive than the Earth ones. Or maybe I was just tired since it was probably around ten at night in earth hours.

“Carter, spear quick!” shouted Uncle.

I got it and hurled the powerful stone-tipped weapon at a quig and it stabbed him in the neck. Uncle went over pulled it out as the lion cried in pain. Now all the quigs gathered up and gobbled the half-dead quig up as we got on the sled and sped down the enormous drop. I hit a wall and passed out unconscious.

4 responses to “The War of Venner (part 1)

  1. Isn’t this sort of like the Pendragon series??

  2. I’m really not sure what the next few parts are going to be about so I just chose something random. I might take your suggestion though.

  3. I really like this story because it is so detailed. Keep writing! Can I suggest a different title? So far a lot of your stories have been using the word war. Maybe the Siege of Venner is different?

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