Some writing prompts

Hi guys, I am writing writing prompts. So if you get bored with my other stories, You can comment to ask me to continue writing a prompt. P.s. Other authors may take my prompts and use them.

1. Felicity’s secret

John Nieder turned around to that horrible whining noise. The rest of the group had marched outside to arrest some Jews for not wearing the Star of  David. John wasn’t like the other Nazis. He had a heart. There were three things that made him a Nazi. 1. He was blond. He a head full of hair that was a blinding white-blond. 2. He had blue eyes. Hitler was a hypocrite, the fact that he required all Nazis to have blond hair and blue eyes. John had round, blue eyes. they were the shade of the sky, that could paralyze you if you looked straight into them. 3. He was a master of firearms. He could run and shoot a boar while running. He could shoot a running boar. He could shoot a running boar while running himself.

“Hello? Hello?” He peered around the exploded corner. Woof! Woof! Woo- “Quiet Ellis, he’ll just kill us.” A girl was soothing her hound to be quiet, though nit quite where. “Come out, girl. I won’t hurt you. Are you alright? I didn’t meant to hurt you. Hello?”

2. Ribbon

“NO!!! HEATHER! WAIT!” Gail reached her hand out, as if to grab her out of the liquid blackness. Heather was too far out, and so did the older sister sucked into the blackness. “the box…..” were the last words audible over the white noise that the raven black was making. Gail sprinted up to her room, and recklessly searched the area. Then she found the box. The box was silverly-blue, like the ocean, and lined with pearls. A single sparkling shell was planted otop the box.

Thy ocean, yon fish, gather to the land loving tendrils of Ivy. And the Pearl of the sea gone without hope, has the control, to the demon.

Gail recited these words quickly, and a burst of light sheen out.

3. Fall of Odina Coranazianifligerstin-Boltsuianahardeyerug the II

“I don’t get it. You have to have all energy

One response to “Some writing prompts

  1. Continue your Warriors story!!! It’s just as good as the book, except that Dovewing has never seen the old forest. So how and why did they move back??

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