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JCCC: Savvy Social Skills

Hi. I just thought that since Blue spinel posted something about about Jccc summer camp, I thought that I would too.

So. I had a summer Camp, called Savvy Social Skills. It was basically manners class, but in professional form, Ettiquette. Ettiquette is the French word for little signs. You see, King Harry, or Donald, or Bob had a humongous party and everyone in France came. But King Har-Don-Bob didn’t like his party because people kept walking over his precious garden, trampling his marble statues, and not to mention swimming in his 2000 year old stone fountains. Har-har. I was just joking about the 200 year old part. Anyways, King was like, “Oh no you dinnit,” so he asked his butler to put up little signs for people not to go swimming in his fountains, or crash his statues, or trample the roses.

So, where was I? Oh yeah. So there was a pretty wide for the people in this class. Brishay, my awesome friend, who seems to be the only girl, besides Alexa, who isn’t hypogenically allergic to  erasers. Just joking. There was Amara, who seemed pretty quiet for an African American. Not trying to br racist here. There was also Grace, who was an icebreaker that over-used eye-liner. Then the boys. Oh, woe, the boys. Lets just get over this quickly. Ethan: Really skinny but smart blonde that has no sense of humor whatsoever except saying that cows have squishy butts. Jack: NOT FUNNY. Edmund: Went to my Elementary School. new haircut. Dylan: The devil of the class. If we were cookies, the Teacher’d eat him first.

So. All day we would just discuss the correct behaviors, and on thursday, we would have a nice lunch in a meeting room. There we would learn how to set up plates and forks and glasses and spoons and eat nice style.