I’ve been going to the summer program in JCCC this summer. The classes I have taken are On the Campaign Trail, Music Technology and You, Stretch Your Thinking, Animal Planet, Authors Wanted, and Smash Booking.

My personal favorite was Authors Wanted. When they say you get to make a book-you get to make a book! First you write and illustrate obviously, then you actually get to sew your pages together. The book cover is cardboard covered in wallpaper. Mrs. Stucky and Mrs. Martin, the teachers Authors Wanted, are beyond nice. I had a great time “publishing” my book!

Second place goes to Music Technology and You. You got to make music on the computer. At the end of the week we did a recital and parents were allowed to come.

This summer had some really good classes. I look forward to next summer!


One response to “JCCC

  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I went to a basketball thing, and a soccer program, but last year I went to a spy thing.

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