Elemental Problems – Part Six (I know I chenged the title, the other one was temporary, and this one is too)

“Not bad. But you’ll have to work even harder if you want to beat me!” he says, and smirks.

I am infuriated and embarrassed. “Hmph! At least I was evenly matched with you for a while.”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t very long.”


Just then, Mademoiselle Foodle comes in. “Ahh…there you are, Skyra. Karamu, what are you doing in here?”

“Oh. Umm…Swordsmaster told me to practice with…her.” he says, tilting his head toward me.

“He told you to practice with Skyra?! She’s just started here!”

“Well, she was really good, for someone who’s just started.”

“What? How good did she do?”

“She was evenly matched with me for a minute or so. Then I won.”

“Really? I doubt that. Show me.”


I get up and get my swords, then get into a position. Karamu charges the moment I finish, and I barely have time to block it. The rest of the time is a blur. He swings, I dodge, I slash, he blocks, until finally, again, he has his swords at my neck.

Mademoiselle Foodle’s mouth is hanging wide open, and she just gapes at us like a fish out of water.

“Skyra, you-you-you-what-what-what-how did you-how-how did you do th-that?” stutters Mademoiselle Foodle.

“I don’t know. Maybe it was just luck.” I reply.

“It’s not luck if you do it twice,” says Karamu. “I think we have a little swordsmistress here.”

I blush and say, “I wasn’t that good. And besides, you can still beat me.”

“Hmm…you’re right. Oh well.”

Mademoiselle Foodle seems to have gotten over her general shock. “Well, what level should we put her in?”

“I’d say in the Medium. She’s good, but she still needs to know the basics, and they review those a lot in the Medium class.”

“Ok then.”



The next day, I get out of bed to find Emberana glaring at me from her bed. She moves stiffly, as if she had a broken rib that just healed. I ignore her and look for some clothes to change into. Strangely, a pair of my other clothes is waiting for me by the bed, and I go into the bathroom to change into them.

When I get out, Emberana has already left, but I find a note that says

‘This isn’t over, stupid.’

Well, what would you have expected from Miss Perfect?

Anyway, I go down to eat breakfast, and then find Coronalia. She takes me to the Medium class and I sit down. Weird, they still have desks.

The teacher, Bob, or Mr.K, went to the front of the classroom and started teaching.

4 responses to “Elemental Problems – Part Six (I know I chenged the title, the other one was temporary, and this one is too)

  1. This is the only time I’ve changed my title!

  2. It is not a good idea to change your title frequently, it is causing confusion. I am confused now!

  3. It is easier for readers to follow if you write your title with part #. So I know where I stopped last time and can continue reading when you post a new one.

  4. I meant changed!!!! Not chenged!!!

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