The Shield of Destiny (full and edited version)

The Shield of Destiny

Pylony’s Gift

 I swiveled to the right as the monster snapped at where my waist had been seconds ago. Leaping in the air, I twisted and turned entwining the necks of the two- headed monster. The monster staggered around helpless and dazed, venom dripping from the foaming mouths. Reaching back, I pulled out a pair of twin katanas from their sheaths on my back. Sensing this, the monster lunged at me, unfortunately legs still fully operational. I moved in a blur neatly slicing the heads off. With a thud, the heads landed at my feet. I breathed a sigh of relief then hurried out of the room; the others will be coming soon.

            “Get the Stealth Planes ready” I spoke in the mic on my ear. I spun around to see Professor Pylony jogging toward me. “Good morning Professor” I said managing a small grin.

 “Hello Natalya, I have something for you.” Pylony handed me a watch with multiple buttons. He pressed a small silver one on the top right-hand side. Immediately a shield sprung up from the watch. The shield glistened in the sun with a majestic feel to it. It glowed silver with an intricate design around the border and in the center was a pure white unicorn. The more I looked at it, the more the unicorn seemed to be moving, alive and prancing around. Then another figure moved in the scene, a monster with a muddy yellow coat and two heads. With a chill I realized that was the monster I fought in the history classroom less than ten minutes ago.

“Natalya?” Professor Pylony asked breaking my trance. His brow furrowed concern in his eyes. “You look awfully pale. Is everything alright?” Pylony continued. I looked back at the shield; it was just the unicorn again. “Yes, I’m fine. Your shield was beautiful, thank you.” I said. “Seriously Professor, you have endless knowledge about technology!” I laughed.

“Well thank you” Pylony smiled, definite pride in his voice.

“The plane is ready, preflight checks have made certain that it is perfectly safe. Stealth system is working and fully operational.” Chief Henry reported. “Good” I replied, pressing the identical silver button beneath the top one. The shield sank back into the screen on my watch. “Fare well.” I said to Pylony.

“Good luck” he replied. I climbed up the steps then sank into one of the chairs. Hope my brother made it to the safe house; we have some things to discuss.

Nick’s Reunion

“Stealth system on” I spoke through my mic as we approached the world’s most populated city. I looked out my window at the busy streets, shops, and people bustling about, unaware that the world’s about to be in the hands of a super villain.

                  “Roger that” the pilot replied, immediately the engines hushed down. Next, there is a thermoptic camouflage outer cloak, designed by Professor Pylony himself, over the plane. When activated the plane is pretty much invisible to the human eye. If you were expecting it, you’d only see a slight shimmer through the sky.

The plane landed next to an old brick warehouse. I jumped out as the stealth plane took off with a rush of wind. I sighed then pulled out a single loose brick. Underneath it was a numeric key pad. I punched in the code then stood back as the metal doors slowly slid apart.

I stepped inside cautiously, security is high but that two headed monster had no trouble getting inside the school. Seeing no signs of monsters, I walked over to the security cameras.

“Hey Natalya” a familiar voice said behind me. I whirled around.  “Nick!” I cried running into my brothers arms. “Cypher’s back! He’s looking for an object t-to rule the world! The monsters-.’’

“Shhh, I know” Nick said soothingly stroking my hair; I pushed myself away from him.

“Have you seen the monsters?” I asked, Nick nodded, I sighed then flopped down on the bunk bed. Nick sat next to me, eyes staring into space. I suddenly remembered, I held out my wrist, the watch glistening.

Nick stared at it, unsure what it was. I pressed the button. The shield sprung up. Nick looked at it, a worried expression on his face. “What is it?” I asked “Do you see the unicorn moving too?”

Nick sighed, “Worse, it’s the Shield of Destiny.”


“GET ME THAT GIRL NOW!” Cypher banged on his desk.

“Natalya’s a master at martial arts and she can tell fake from real better than anyone. I’m afraid that’s easier said than done.” Cypher glared at the calm face on his computer.

“You dare speak to me like that!” his face red as a tomato.

“No master” the boy on the other end mumbled,

“Good. Now get me the Shield of Destiny, and you shall not fail. Do I make myself clear?” Cypher said “No one has lived to tell the tale of what happens when somebody fails me” Cypher left the threat in the air as his face disappeared from the boy’s computer.


I sat up in bed breathing hard; it’s been years since I’ve had a nightmare like that. I replayed the events of my dream, the silver shield flashing in and out with Cypher laughing in the background. I shook the nightmare out of my head then climbed up to the upper bunk. Nick was staring at the computer screen as if he’d seen a ghost.  

“Nick? Are you okay?” Nick jumped then adopted a fighting stance; he stared at me then dropped his hands, his face turning a shade of pink.

“Sorry” Nick mumbled. I laughed.

“You okay? You seem really tense” the smile melting off my face.

“Oh, yeah, I’m okay” he gave me one of those smiles that always warms me, but this time it looked more forced. Something was wrong; he usually doesn’t act like this, “Is it about the shield? I’ve been having nightmares too.”

 Nick shook his head “I’m okay” he mumbled.

“Hey, can I see your computer?” I asked, Nick shook his head again, “Why not?” There’s something really wrong, Nick never keeps anything from me.

“Why don’t you go back to bed? It’s still kind of early.” He suggested. Nick was always an early bird too.

“Ok” I said, climbing down the ladder, I waited a few seconds before I spun around grabbing the computer. Nick opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it as I raised an eyebrow.

The computer screen was black with the words “Cypher Disconnected,” I stared at Nick in disbelief, tears pricking my eyes, realizing there was betrayal in the air. Nick was working with Cypher! “Natalya, I didn’t have a choice!” Nick said hurriedly but I barely heard it.

 “Nick” I whispered, tears of anger streaming down my face, “How could you!” I screamed, smashing the computer on the floor “Is there anything else you can use to get in touch with your….master?” I asked, lingering on the word master.

“Natalya, listen, he’s not my master. I have to, please—’’ 

I cut him off with a slap across the cheek. “How long have you been doing this?” a note of utter hurt in my voice.

“Ever since we first defeated Cypher” Nick said quietly, his own eyes brimming with tears. Before he could stop me I ran out the doors, “No Natalya! It’s a trap! Natalya! Come back!” Nick screamed. Ignoring him, I kept on running.

A dark silhouette rounded the corner; I turned around only to be blocked by another man. “Good job boys” a familiar voice said. A man walked towards us, he motioned with his hands for the men to back off. Cypher leaned in close to my face. “Hello my pretty.” My nose stung with the smell of spoiled milk and rotten eggs. Cypher smiled “Long time no see.” One of Cypher’s men clamped a hand over my mouth as a canvas bag lowered down on me.

Cypher Reveals his Secret

I trudged down the halls in Cypher’s mansion with two of Cypher’s men following close behind. Rows of cells lined the walls. Behind the cells were different breeds of monsters. I instantly recognized a group of monsters, the long-necked two-headed demon. They had the head of a cat, body of a leopard, and tail of a lion. Their feline eyes stared at me menacingly, almost as if they knew I had killed one of their brothers. At the end of the hallway there was an empty cell. “This is where you will be staying Miss Natalya,” Cypher said with a smile.  The two guards pushed me in. With one more smile, Cypher walked away.

I waited until the guards rounded the corner, then pulled out the soul of my shoe. Inside was a complete lock-picking set. There were varieties of bobby pins, keys, and little gadgets. Checking again to make sure no one was watching, I picked out a small silver key and two bobby pins. In no time the lock was picked.

The metal door swung open as I stepped outside. I checked again, then sprinted down the corridor. I almost bumped into one of the guards. He snarled then slowly walked towards me. I aimed for a punch towards the jaw but the guard blocked. He pulled a sword from his belt. Reaching back I pulled out my own katanas. The guard swept at my feet but I leaped in the air, my katanas hitting the guard’s sword sending it flying down the hall. I somersaulted then landed on my feet behind him. I instantly took off running. All of a sudden, Cypher stepped in front of me, a nasty smirk on his face.

“Now you listen karate kid, one more clever kick of yours and Nick is gone, you hear?” I nodded, knowing that Cypher was not lying. Cypher pointed at the guard, “You! Take her back to her cell.” The guard nodded then grabbed me roughly in the back and pushed me toward the cell. I waited until Cypher was gone then turned around and kicked at the guard’s shin. He gasped in pain, then reached for a gun on his holster. I jabbed at the wrist with two fingers, numbing his hand then reached up and jabbed at the spot behind the ear. The guard sank down unconscious as I dragged him in the cell then locked the door.

I made a run again when a voice called behind me, “Natalya!”

I turned around, “Nick!” I cried out in relief, but something was wrong. Nick handcuffed my hands then pushed me roughly forward. “Come on! Cypher wishes to see you.”

 “Nick? What are you doing?” For a fleeting moment, a look of pain flashed across his face, but it was gone as soon as it came.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he said gruffly, “Move it! Cypher’s not a patient man.”

I stepped into Cypher’s office, my mind buzzing trying to find a way out. “No more playing games Natalya. I believe you have what I want, the Shield of Destiny.”

Nick Comes Back

“And once I have the shield, everything will be mine!” Cypher cackled, slowly morphing into a hawk, talons sharp as daggers. “Do you want to fight this?” Cypher laughed, spreading his gigantic wings over me, covering me in a veil of darkness. “Nick!” Cypher screeched, “Hold her down!” Nick walked towards me. Just as Nick held his hands over my shoulders, he cried out in pain then fell to the ground clutching his head as if he had a terrible headache. Nick looked up at me, his face a mask of torture.

“You have to kill me now. I can only fight him for so long. Please, when I’ll let you kill me,” Nick whispered to me. As if on cue, Nick gasped in agony. I knelt down next to him, stroking him tenderly. I turned to Cypher, pure ice in my eyes.

“What have you done?!” I screamed.

Cypher just examined his talons casually, “Oh yes, you mean the device I invented? So you’re a new fan now, how exciting!” Cypher turned to look at me, his eyes laughing. “Would you like to see it?” Cypher held up a small black box. There were buttons on it as you would see on a video gamer. He turned to look at Nick’s struggling body on the ground, “Yes, Nick has been an obedient servant. Stronger than I thought.”

Anger surged through my body, “He was just a toy you’ve been messing with!” I yelled, “He was your mouse under your claw!” my shoulders rose up and down.

Cypher’s face darkened, he began to press a button on the device but I swatted it out of his claw. Nick’s struggling seemed to have decreased. Cypher pulled out an identical silver device. “This one’s for you,” he sneered.

Suddenly, Nick called out behind me. “You!” he yelled.

           I turned around. Nick was holding the black device. Both Cypher and I looked in surprise. He must have taken it when Cypher and I were busy. Nick smiled, “Hey Natalya,” I smiled back. Nick turned to Cypher, holding the device out in front of him. “This is for everything you’ve done to me,” Nick said, his voice laced with anger. Slowly Nick pressed down a button.

The Shield of Destiny Gone…Almost

              Cypher bowed at our feet, “How may I serve you master?”

             Nick suppressed a smile, “Go far away and never come back.” We watched as Cypher turned the corner then Nick turned to me, the light gone and replaced with sadness. “Natalya, I’m sorry for what I did. Cypher got me before I left, I…” Nick trailed off looking down.

            I put a hand on his shoulder, “You were as much a victim as everyone else.” Nick shook his head.

           “You don’t understand, I was conscious the whole time. I knew what I was doing but I was powerless to stop it.” A tear rolled down his cheek. I tenderly wiped it.

             “It wasn’t you’re fault,” I smiled. Nick was still for a while when he suddenly looked up with his usual smile.

             “I guess this is over now,” Nick sighed.

            “Not yet,” I replied marching out the door of that creepy mansion. I threw the watch as far as my arm could throw. It disappeared in the forest surrounding Cypher’s mansion.

            “Good choice,” Nick said walking up to me. He sighed, “The Shield of Destiny, with its powers still unknown to us is gone.”


Look out for

Cypher’s Return

The Shield of Destiny’s Secret

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