Powers of the World (Part Four)

“I change the rules. It’s two on two. Emberana and I will be a pair. I bet nobody will pair up with you!”

I look around nervously. Finding the nice girl, I sent her a silent message: Will you do it?

For a few seconds, she looks hesitant. Then she slowly stands up and says, “I will be on a team with…”

Again, she gets my silent message.

“I will be on a team with Skyra.”

Everyone snickers.

“You?” screeches Emberana.

“Yeah.” She calmly replies.

“Fine. Be on the losing team.” Emberana sneers.

The girl who volunteered to be on my side walks over to me and introduces herself.

“Hi. I’m Coronalia. They’re both fire type elements, so since I’m a water elementalist, we should have a slight advantage.”

“Nice to meet you. Thanks for sticking up for me back there. You know I’m Skyra, and from my name, you can probably tell that I am an air element person.”

“I guessed from the second I saw you. You don’t look solid enough for an earth person, but you aren’t much like me, so you couldn’t be water. Oh yeah, you didn’t look proud and all ‘high and mighty’ like most fire people, but you looked pretty nice, tall, and, well, you have the grace of an air elementalist.”

“Oh. So you tell people apart like that?”

“Pretty much.”

“I have to tell you something.” I say hesitantly.

“What?” Coronalia asks.

“Well, I…don’t know how to use my power.”

“Oh well, I can give you a crash course. Here, are you done?” she asks, taking my tray.

“Yeah, I’m full.”

“Ok then. Wait right here.” She takes the tray and dumps it. Then she puts it on a revolving tray rack, which slowly turns and takes the trays to whoever cleans them, I guess.

When Coronalia comes back, she takes me to an empty classroom. We practice.

“So first, close your eyes and relax.”

I do that, and I feel energy flowing through my body.

“Now, breathe in deeply.”

Ahhhhhhh…so relaxing.

“Ok, now reach into your soul and imagine yourself as light as air, as graceful as the wind, and, well…just like whatever else air is like.”

Hmm…strange tingling sensation. It starts from my toes and spreads up my body, slowly, until my head fills with energy.

“You did it!” Coronalia says excitedly.

“Wha???” I say, opening my eyes and looking at myself. “Whoa, is this still me?”

I am wearing a sparkling silver jacket on top of a gray shirt and pants that feel as light as air. If somebody told me to put this on, I would say, “no,” because I’d think it’d look horrible! Surprisingly, it actually looks good on me. I mean, I’m not trying to brag, but still.

“Ok, now attack me.” Coronalia instructs.

“What?” I say.

“You heard me. Attack!”

“But what if I hurt you?”

“Not likely.” she says.

“Fine.” I delve into my soul and find a barrier. Driving my mind against it, it breaks and I am allowed access to my store of magic. Summoning an air ball, a throw it against Coronalia. She lifts her hand and uses water power and deflects it. It is sent right back at me, and somehow, I absorb it.

“Not bad, for a start. But it will have to be more powerful if you want to beat those two.”

I dive in deeper and find a stronger blast to throw at her. This time, she deflects it again, but it’s harder because it’s stronger. Again, I absorb it.

“Ok, that’s enough practice for now.” Coronalia says.

She’s panting, and I ask, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” She replies. “If you make it even stronger, they won’t have a chance!”



“It’s midnight.” I say to Emberana.

“I know!” she snaps at me.

We walk to the Rosetta Room. When I go inside, I see a huge room with walls that are bare. There is nothing in this room. Suddenly, a swishing noise comes and the other girl comes out with Coronalia.

“Ok, we’re all here,” she says.

“Yeah. You two,” says Emberana, pointing at us, “Stand over there. Cyndra and I will stand over here.”

We walk over as they walk to their places.

Cyndra shouts, “Ready, set, START!”

The duel had begun.

One response to “Powers of the World (Part Four)

  1. I love this story. I noticed that all of the girl names end in A. I can suggest Emberly, or for the water elementalist, Aquellan

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