Random story (I don’t have a name yet, I need help thinking of one)

Six years ago

“Mommy! Mommy! Look at me!” I yelled through the open window. My mom came out of the house and gasped.

“Skyra, get down from that tree right this instant!” She shouted back.

My mom has never used that tone with me. I began to cry, and wiped my tears with both hands. Suddenly, I fell. Being twenty or thirty feet high in the tree, that fall should have seriously injured or killed me. Strangely, I slowed down, and landed on my feet at the base of the tree, right in front of my half scared, half angry mom.

“What were you thinking?! Climbing that high in a tree?! You scared me to death when you fell! You know what I’ve told you, Skyra. You could have broken a bone, or worse, been killed! You must never, ever, do that again. Understand?”

“Yes, Mommy. But that was fun!”

“What was fun?”


“Falling from the tree was fun?!”

“Yeah! Because I slowed down and landed on my feet in the fall!” I turned my head and saw a man watching us. He was dressed in black and had sunglasses on.


A year ago

I raised my hands in the air, a broad smile on my face. I had just won the School Running Championship, ahead of everyone else in my grade! The weird thing was though, while I ran, a strange wind came and pushed me faster. I never knew I could run so fast. Turning, I received the trophy and said thanks to the man who handed it to me. Wait a second. It feels like I should know this man. Oh well. I mentally shrugged and thought, what does it matter if I know him?

On the way home, my mom said, “Skyra, how did you run so fast? I’ve never seen you run so fast in your entire life!”

I replied, “I don’t know, but at least I won!”



These memories and others rush through my mind as I process what the strangely familiar man in front of me has just said. That I have the power to bend air to my will? Hold on. I know who he is. He’s been there, in all of my memories with me demonstrating some way of having the power to control and distort air. But still!

“That’s not true.” I say out loud.

“Oh, but it is. So I ask you again, will you join us?” After all, you don’t usually see people with the air element power walking down the street.”

“Oh yeah? And why should I ‘join’ you?”

“I teach a school, where kids with all sorts of elemental powers come to learn.”

“Right…” I say sarcastically. There’s something secretive about this guy, something I don’t trust.

“Look, just come join us and learn, okay?” I can tell this guy is losing his patience.

“And what if I say no?”

“Then I will force you to come!” And before I can do anything, he grabs my wrists and slaps a hand over my mouth. He drags me to a van, gags me and ties my wrists and ankles together, then throws me in the back.

4 responses to “Random story (I don’t have a name yet, I need help thinking of one)

  1. I don’t have a title for your story yet because I don’t see where it will go. But the start is very interesting and drawing the reader to keep on reading. A good thriller!

  2. Nice story! I’m horrible with titles though…anyways, keep writing!

  3. I think Skyra is an awesome name, but if time comes and there is another boy/girl who can ‘bend air’, Aeron, or Airin, or Elizabreath? ha ha

  4. I love how this story starts. Only that if some people were addicted to Avatar the Last Airbender, like you and me, people may guess what is going to happen
    I have a suggestion for your name. How about, Power of the elements, or Elemental powers?

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