Yanzibian: Teaching and Playing at Yanzibian Central Elementary School

R-RING! RI-R-RIN-RING! Class was starting. I was a teacher for three classes.

3rd Grade English, 4th period

2nd Grade Music, 1st period

5th Grade Art, 2nd Period


I was awkwardly standing in front of the class while waiting for Katrina to pair up with her mom. We were teaching a third grade English class. When class started,  Katrina and I were going to say something, but then the moms took over. they were saying that we would be reviewing their Unit 1- Unit5 words, then we were going to let them read the short picture books we were donating to their soon-to-be library. Everyone got a sticker, either Spider man, or Polly pocket.


This class was worse. Since they were only in 2nd grade, they hadn’t learned English yet, which was trouble, because we were trying to teach them “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. They were pretty good. And even better when we bribed them with candy. There were 10 Jolly ranchers left, and 3 kids got them. When no one was volunteering to recite the first line, we said, “we’re going to choose people if you don’t recite!” Then they got all nervous, and a kid said, “Don’t  choose me! Don’t Choose me!” So we chose him. Stickers again! This time they were sparkly dogs.


I didn’t really do anything. Those teenager did everything, telling them to draw an animal.

Ahhhh… School is over. Now I walk into the dinner-room and receive noodles and humongous man tou. like twice the size of a baseball. Really. THEN after dinner, the kids were eating ice cream, the younger ones moving to their dorms. I played Chinese Jump Rope with some 4th grade girls, then we watched Eric, Grace, and Mr. Wang play basketball with the Chinese teachers. Cindy and Tammy were just hanging on the court.

3 responses to “Yanzibian: Teaching and Playing at Yanzibian Central Elementary School

  1. Now I really want to go teach! I noticed that your writing seemed to be more rushed on this entry, but I also heard that it was kind of difficult to finally put this one on. I have that problem all the time. I’ll start writing a story and in the middle, I’ll get frustrated and quit. Good job for pushing through! This must have been an amazing experience. Thank you for the pictures again!

  2. It is not fair. You guys seemed to have a lot of fun instead of hard working.

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