Help! Starving Children in China!

At Guizhou, China, kids are suffering from lack of food and shelter. A group of four others and me are starting a fundraiser for them. Our goal is to raise enough money to give all the students a good lunch so they can have a good education. One dollar is enough for two student’s lunches.  We’re open to any help!!

7 responses to “Help! Starving Children in China!

  1. We’re setting up a booth tommorow at 888, you’re welcome to come!

    • what time??
      I am so excited! Can I bring anything to help? cups? paper? a shoebox? (for money) With who?

  2. To be honest with you, I have no idea when my school starts.

  3. OR………
    (I have a Granny Smith Apple tree in our front yard. I was thinking that we would have a few gems- Epicsplat, Crystal, you, and me- and we could make apple pies! And sell them around the neighborhood! I know some Chinese neighbors and good friends. Maybe if we start when my old elementary school starts, My old teachers will crave apple pie. Especially if the money goes to a good cause.
    When does your school start?

  4. Then its 5$ from me. If there is a Gems meeting, I will get it ready.

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