Brave: A SHORT movie review

Brave is a touching story about a princess attached to archery, Merida, runs away in disapproval of betrothal. She follows wisps, which are magical creatures that lead you to your fate/destiny, and ends up in a cottage that is owned by a witch. Merida asks the witch to cast her a spell that will change her mother’s mind. But the witch made a mistake. After the Queen ate the spell, disguised as a jam pastry, she became a bear! Only then did Merida realize that the spell would be permanent after the next two sunrises, and that her mischievous triplet brothers ate some of the cake too. Does Merida save her mother from the bear king finding her? There is only one answer. Watch the movie to find out!

2 responses to “Brave: A SHORT movie review

  1. I saw the movie on Monday. It was really good; at least, I liked it.

  2. Sounds a great movie for girls.

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