My Toothbrush Story (Updated)

    I stand in the center of the woods, watching the leaves dance in the wind, and thought, “This will be my last time to relax here.” In my hand I am holding the  thing that can save the world, the ONLY thing that can save the world from the Dark Council. The Dark Council is made up of 7 big guilds that control thousands of little guilds, and I have the thing that can destroy them. My wand or so I say, “my toothbrush”. My magical toothbrush. Only I can control it and only I have the power. If I do the slightest thing wrong, the world will be at its end.
      I draw a big circle in the air with my wand and say, “Circadendum!” The circle came to life, it starts to glow and inside there is something twirling. I put one leg into the circle, which is now a portal, and it feels like fire is eating my leg. I pull my leg out before you could say Potato Island. I decide to jump in super fast and it work! I am in between space and time. I just have to say a place and a year and I would be there.
    So I said, “Potato Island in year 926!(which is this year)” In a flash I was there, standing in the middle of a battle.I heard people shouting and screaming, everywhere was chaos! There were men fighting for food and mothers trying to protect their children. A person could smell the blood a mile away and could hear the shouting and gun sounds in the next town. I said, “Chronoadum!” and everything froze in place. Then I thought of what Potato Island looked like when everything was fine and peaceful. I opened my eyes and saw what I was thinking about. Then I walked over to the center of the island and turned my wand in a circle and soon in my hand was a sword, The 10 Swords of Trust. You couldn’t use it unless you put all your trust into it. I stab the sword into the ground. Suddenly, the ground was shaking, and then where I stabbed my sword, there was a hole. I jumped into the hole and soon I was in the HQ of the Dark Ravens, one of the many guilds in the council.
     I landed on top of a guard, and I quickly put him to sleep. I turned myself invisible and I walked through a thousand different tunnels and a ton of traps. Finally after 5 hours, I was in the king room, aka Sarge’s room!
    The first thing you would see is the throne with a fat, hairy man on it. Next you would see rows and rows of servants and guards. Because my invisibility will wear out soon, I stepped into the shadows quickly and quietly. I drew a sign that looks a bird. Then I started to float up, higher and higher. In 10 seconds I could see the whole room, it looked like it was about 500 feet long, Suddenly an alarm went off, all the guards looked up and pointed at me. They shouted orders to each other, and got their guns out and aim at me. Soon there was thousands and thousands of bullets flying up on the air at me, threatening to hurt me. I quickly drew a six-pointed star in front of me. A shield appeared in front of me, blocking all the bullets. Suddenly, the shield disappeared! Leaving an open spot and I got shot on the arm. I drew a cross on my arm. Pain shoot up my arm but it was healed in 1 second.
     Then Sarge, the leader of the Dark Ravens, yelled, “Stop shooting this instant! And you, you filthy looking girl, get down here and tell me your name!”
     I carefully floated down. The second I touched the floor two guards grabbed my arms and two guards stood behind me with three guards on each side. I said in a calm voice, ” My name is Maxine.”
    “Hmmm… What a strange name. I am called Sarge, and I am the leader of Dark Ravens.”

“I know who you are,” I reply.

“You do?! Awesome!! I am famous, I am famous!!… Oops. Sorry, anyways, what do you want from me?”

“I am here to destroy you!”

“What!? What did you say?! How could you?! I thought we could be friends! We could have so much fun!”

“No thanks, I prefer to be your enemy, I’m not the dark type of person.”

“I’m not a dark type of person, either! All I do is take people’s land and money, make them do my work, and make them fight in war. I also take their food, but they want to give me the food, right? They like to serve me because I’m their friend, right?”

“I don’t think that is being a great friend, but that’s what someone bad or dark would do.”

Then Sarge started crying, “But… But… I… I thought… We were… Fr… Friends!”

Suddenly, a guard yelled, “She made the king cry! Seize her! NOW!” I reach for my toothbrush, but I couldn’t find it. I turn around to look behind me, and saw that a tall,  blond-haired guard took it when I was talking.

I yell to the guard, “Hey, give it back!” I ran up to him and punch him on the back, but he dodged me. I tried to trip him, but another guard hit me on my head. The world turns black, and I fall on the floor.

Later, I wake up in a jail cell, it was dark and cold. I am laying on the floor, wondering how long I have been knocked out. Then, a guard comes over to me with my food and my toothbrush!! I almost scream out loud because of my happiness.

The guard asks me, “Why do you need that disgusting toothbrush everywhere you go? Is it because you are afraid of getting your teeth dirty or having cavities?” Then the guard and his friends started laughing and walking away. I quickly grab my food and toothbrush.

When they are out of sight, I draw a triangle with the toothbrush and in the air a black square appears. I put most of the food in there for later; I leave a banana and a piece of bread on my tray.  I snap my fingers and the square disappears. I stuff the bread into my mouth and swallow it. I draw a X on the door, and I back up. The door explodes and it showers me with pieces of metal. I carefully walk out while eating my banana, and look around me. I see a big, wooden door with a big, black lock on it. I draw another X on the door, and it also explodes. I walk through the door, and suddenly I hear the alarms sound.

Next, I hear a marching sound. Then, I see all the guards walking in two straight lines in perfect harmony. The first thing I think is that I am in big trouble, but then I smile and think that that is perfect. I run up towards them and push the first guard down from both of the rows. Then, all the guards fall down like dominos, one by one. I laugh at how funny it is. I run towards the exit behind the guards, every once in a while I step on a guard by accident. Right when I was eight feet away from the door that led to freedom, Sarge appeared in front of me.

He advanced towards me while I moved back. I panic, I know I am in big trouble, but I noticed that I still have my banana peel. He narrowed his eyes, and stares at me. Nobody moves, until he finally says, “You are stronger than I thought.”

“No, it’s just that you are too weak.”

“You have left me no choice, I will have to duel with you. Be prepared.”

I snort, “I don’t have to be. What can you fight with?You’re too fat and old to fight with a sword. I bet I can beat you without my sword or wand.”

“You… You little rascal!!” He says, his face is as red as a tomato, and I swear I could see steam coming out of his ears. He runs up to me super slowly, with heavy steps making the floor shake every time his foot hit the floor. I spin in a circle and I throw out the banana peel. It lands right in front of Sarge, he slips on it and he falls hard on the floor landing on his butt. He starts crying like a baby. I take my toothbrush and draw a zigzag line. Blue rope appears and ties Sarge’s hands and legs together.

“You make a single noise, I will snap and make it go around your mouth. You try to escape, I will throw you into a portal and take you to The Place of Punishment. You understand?” Sarge nods.

“Good.” I take my toothbrush and draw a Q and point it at Sarge. He starts to float, and I start walking towards the exit with Sarge in the air following me. I open the door and smell flowers, sweet like candy. I look at the flowers and sigh, just what I needed, green-poison tulips. I whistle,high-low-low-high, hoping that Junsu isn’t busy. Junsu, is my cousin, he has a voice from heaven, when he sings everything freezes. Well, everything but whatever he is touching with his hands. Another power he has is the power of words. He can talk to someone and convince them to do something. We have a special connection with each other since I was little, so if I whistle the special tune, he will hear it no matter what, and know that I am in trouble.

I see a portal open up above me and Junsu comes out. He lands on his feet next to me, looking annoyed, like always. Junsu, is 24 years old, and is five feet nine. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and a smile that makes you want to smile. We look alot alike, but he is Korean, and I am Chinese-Korean. After Junsu, Jay  comes out ot the portal. He also lands on his feet. Jay, is Junsu’s friend and is leader of Junsu’s group, Dream High, that is mostly all Korean magications. Here in this world, people did magic in groups, guilds, or by themselves. I chose to be by myself even though Junsu doesn’t want me to, but sometimes I do missions together with DH. Junsu is the second oldest in DH, there is seven members in DH, Jay, Junsu, Nick, Taec, Junho, Jack, and Jason. To me, DH is like family, they are all like older brothers, even Junsu, though he is my cousin. Junsu is like the overly protective older brother. Jay, on the other hand is the clown of DH, sometimes I wonder why he is the leader. Jay, is 25 years old, and is five feet seven. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and a smile that shows you all his front teeth. Jay use speed and dancing magic. He can run at the speed of sound and is quick on his feet. He can gracefully dance past any obstacles, with tumbling, ballet, breakdancing, you name it. He attacks with dancing, tangoing and throwing them into space, ballet and jumping on people’s head and knocking them down.

“What do you need help with?” Junsu asks me.

“The tulips, and where is everyone else?” I ask Jay and Junsu. I snap my fingers and blue cloth appears and wraps around Sarge’s ears. I do that so he doesn’t hear anything that Jay and Junsu will say. Just to be on the safe side.

“Well, about that…” Jay says. “You see… Nick and Junho are back at the hideout, protecting it. Jack is hurt, and Taecyeon is taking him to a safehouse.”

“What about Jason!?” I ask, worried. “And why is Jack hurt? What is attacking the hideout? Where is Taec taking Jack?”

“Jason… Is…” Junsu answers uneasily. “We don’t know where he is. As for Jack, he was out on a mission with Taec, and Taec is taking him to your house. We got monsters attacking the hideout, because we got a blue pearl back from a mission.”

I sigh, why is there so much for us to do. I nod my head, slowly taking in what Jay and Junsu just said. Then I say, “Ok, we will first take Sarge to The House of Judgement. Next we will go help Jack. Lastly we can go to your hideout, ok?”

“Ok, fine with me. What about you?” Junsu says to Jay. Jay nods. Junsu holds out both of his hands towards us. Jay and I each take one and hold tightly. Junsu takes a deep breath, and starts to sing,

“Don’t leave, don’t leave

Don’t lie like you would erase me

Don’t say those things to me

Lies, just all lies,

Don’t tie me down with empty words,

You’re already too late…”

I find myself smiling, this is one of my favorite songs, Don’t Go sung and written by Junsu featuring Lim Jeong Hee. Of course the song is in Korean, but I still love it. I close my eyes, allowing Junsu to lead me. I let myself relax for once, I feel calm, happy. I miss that feeling. I remember him sing this song to me when I was little, we were playing around in the forest behind his house. That was before I had learned that I held the fate of the world in my hands. Junsu’s power isn’t just a weapon, it can cheer a person on, make them happy, or comfort someone. That’s the true power of music. Soon the song ends, I let go of Junsu’s hand and sigh. I miss all the fun DH and I had.

I turn and face them, and say, “Let me open a portal to drop him off, I’ll be right back.” I run off to the big oak tree near the blue lake at the edge of the field of green-poison tulips.

I draw a circle and say, “Circadendum!Circle number five!” A circle number is kind of like speed dial on a cell phone. Number five took us straight to The Place of Judgment. I watch circle come alive, I throw Sarge in and walk back to Jay and Junsu. They already made a portal and are just waiting around, being bored. I laugh and run forward, then jump. Soon, I land in front of my house.

I fall to the ground face down. I quickly get up and dust myself as Jay and Junsu comes through the portal. We walk up the stone path that leads up to my two-story light blue house. I touch my hand on the blue, wooden door, and the door opens for us. I take off my shoes and run to the door that leads downstairs to the basement. I run down the stairs and find Jack laying on the couch with Taec pacing around the floor. Taec looks fine for a 25 year old. Here is a quick description– he is the tallest of them all, six feet and one inch. Taec has brown eyes, brown hair, and usually a bright smile that shows you all his big, large teeth. But the smile isn’t there today. He has a new, clean haircut, and is wearing some jeans with a T-shirt, but he still is a fashion terrorist. But being a fashion terrorist is another story for another day. Jack on the other hand, is not so well. He is six feet, youngest of them all, 22. He also has brown hair and eyes, and usually he is always smiling. But today he is unconscious, and has the worst cut down the side of his face. His green T-shirt has cuts and stains of blood all over it, and on his left shoulder is  a cut, with the knife still partly in. There is shreds of a white T-shirt wrapped around his arm to keep him from losing too much blood.

3 responses to “My Toothbrush Story (Updated)

  1. Cool! I wish I could of thought of a toothbrush wand! Nice story, keep on writing!


    Mom! the wand only LOOKS like a toothbrush!

  3. Nice story – an interesting read. A bit long to read on my iPhone. But still interesting. Just wonder whether tooth fairy will be part of the story. Or dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist, etc. …

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