Boogie Boarding on the Beaches of Los Angeles

         Mm… I took a deep breath of ocean air as I was setting up our supplies. It was a mid-June morning at an LA beach. My mom and I quickly set up a colorful beach umbrella, three beach chairs, two boogie boards and beach towels. I sat on the chair and took a panoramic view around. 

I couldn’t tell where the horizon was. The clear sky hadn’t a single cloud. The ocean was deep and wild, the beach white and rocky.

There were clumps of tangled seaweed around. The ocean water rushed up to the sandy beach in small waves. There aren’t many people there… I thought Probably because it’s still early in the morning.

“Time to get in the water!” My mom pointed toward the wide ocean at the end of the beach.

If it were a pool, I would have jumped right in, but this was different. It was so cold! I took my boogie-board, wrapped its wrist strap  around my left hand and moved closer to the water. I just stayed on the edge of the tide and started looking for rocks. Every time when the ocean water rushed onto the beach wave, it washed away rocks and uncovered new ones. I found a smooth rock that was dark-ginger and I named it Sandstorm. I walked as close to the water as possible but didn’t want to get in. The water was freezing!

Gradually, I waded into shallow-water, where the only place the water touch was only a foot away from the real thing. I noticed that the water washed on the shore was crystal clear, but took on a bluish hue like the sky. I kept cautiously taking steps towards the water.  Whenever I got close I always backed away. As I saw two other girls walked right in without reluctance, I was astounded.

So I carefully stepped among the sharp pebbles, then when the sandy water was knee-high, my feet were sinking in the mound of pebbles under the water! I clumsily stepped forward, and almost went head first into the ocean water, because what I felt past the pebble mound was sand! Grabbing my boogie-board, I copied what the other girls were doing.

I didn’t really know what boogie-board was for or how to use it. I just did everything that the other girls did.  Oh! I get it. I ride on the boogie board like a kickboard and jump over the waves. Then when I see a big wave; I quickly face towards the shore and a millisecond before the wave hits; I get on the board like a surfboard and let the waves take me back to the beach.  

            Then I knew that I would get used-to the water when you were numb.. There were a couple times when I went overboard due to leaning too much, or having my legs scraped after being sprawled on the beach. Then my sister came. She was wearing a new bikini that she bought on the pier.

She just reclined on the beach chair for a moment, watching me splash through the ocean. When she was knee-high in the clear water, I dragged her and her boogie board to where I was waist-high and showed her how to boogie-board. Although she looked eager and thoroughly interested, she insisted and persisted on waiting till her legs were used to the water. It felt like FOREVER when she finally agreed to do what I had taught her. We had so much fun!

At one point, I was getting ready to ride the tide, as we made up, and since my sister was behind me, she caught the wave first and crashed into me. Not long after receiving the bruise, she was alongside me. Then being a victim of the disease, unbalanceia-getting-injured-osis, I leaned too far forward and tumbled into the sea. From then on, it was all a jumble. The boogie-board safety-strap, which was still around my wrist, somehow managed to get around my neck, and when the board stabbed at my waist, it tightened and strangled me.

Ahhhhh…… I gasped for air. Then I realized I had gulped down sea-water instead.


“Are you okay?” I heard my sister ask. I couldn’t see her because my eyes were squeezed shut.

“Yes. Ewww! I hate seawater.” So we waded back to the beach chairs and ate fish and chips from a stand on the pier.

Afterwards I was looking for unique rocks. Now I am plentiful in this souvenir that sits in a glass vase filled with water; and every time I touch Sandstorm, I think of boogie-boarding and the crashing waves on the beach of Los Angeles.


4 responses to “Boogie Boarding on the Beaches of Los Angeles

  1. Love to see the beach in such a hot summer! Thanks for the nice writing and pictures.

  2. Love your description. May try boogie boarding later.

  3. Would you recommend boogie boarding to other kids?

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