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Shield of Destiny – Part 2

               “Stealth system on” I spoke through my mic as we approached the world’s most populated city. I looked out my window at the busy streets, shops, and people bustling about, unaware that the world’s about to be in hands of the world’s best super villain.

                    “Roger that” the pilot replied, immediately the engines hushed down, next, designed by Professor Pylony himself, there is a thermoptic camouflage outer cloak over the plane. When activated the plane is pretty much invisible to the human eye. If you were expecting it, you’d only see a slight shimmer through the sky.

The plane landed next to an old brick warehouse. I jumped out as the stealth plane took off with a rush of wind. I sighed then pulled out a single loose brick. Underneath it was a numeric key pad. I punched in the code then stood back as the metal doors slowly slid apart.

I stepped inside cautiously, security is high but that two headed monster had no trouble getting inside the school. Satisfied I walked over to the security cameras. “Hey Natalya” a familiar voice said behind me. I whirled around, “Nick!” I cried running into my brothers arms. “Cypher’s back! He’s looking for three objects t-to rule the world! The monsters-“, “Shhh, I know” Nick said soothingly stroking my hair. I pushed myself away from him. “Have you seen the monsters?” I asked, Nick nodded, I sighed then flopped down on the bunk bed. Nick sat next to me, eyes staring into space. I suddenly remembered, I held out my wrist, the watch glistening.

Nick stared it, unsure what it was. I pressed the button. The shield sprung up. Nick looked at it, a worried expression on his face. “What is it?” I asked “Do you see the unicorn moving too?”, Nick sighed, “Worse, it’s the Shield of Destiny.”