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Challengers: Rising to Vela 4

“So, do we run or stay?” Daylan inquired curiously, watching as a gangly group of olive skinned creatures were waving sais and torches, other scaly orange animals skimming the treetops.

“ha! Are youse a cat or mouse? NEITHER! We fight!”

“My dear sister, this time you are not right. I f the Greenstone Opal is given, than they shall unfairly rule the land of moss flower, considering that they are ruling it fairly now, the idiots thou art. True, if we fight, than we die. tree springers and de Flitchaye have opposite strengths and weaknesses.”

” Oi believe ’tis time to get a move on or else us’ns gorra be saied, and burned for dinner.”

“There is no time for obsidian and flint and steel! We must send them their nescites!”

“What are y’all’s nescities that mama Rimrose gave ye?”


“Y’all say Felica nescity on three. 1,2,3!”

A unisoned FeliCa nescity rang out and a horrible sound came out.Then there was silence

“Wot, wot, whaddia know, ah’m a jolly ole absou-blinking’-flippin’-loutely ocelot!”

“Moi auntie’s fried fudge! Of all things I hod to be a wolf!”

“this Amma, thou art speaking nought clear. Would thee care to explain?”


Jules was dragged away by an orange creature, looking as if the tree-springer wass trying to eat a cougar.

“Bite him! Quick!” Clarice shouted.


Clarice tried to meditated in her black cat form, and then in a blinding flash of indigo, she was human. As if she didn’t notice, Clarice kept on meditating until her eyes lit up bright white like when Songbreeze terrorized that woman. Black gobs of air formed out and her carefully folded hands moved them. She yelled, “STOP!” and those pulsing jet globs formed crystals, shooting at high speed toward the animal tassle. The eyeless creature roared in pain as they sunk deep into his ‘skin’.

“In the name of Messiah, what was that?”

Krylic stepped in to defend clarice, just as she was about to object. “This is this dear child’s nescity, dark power. When thee meets Muddi Cork and Berri Cork you shall recieve your-” POP! PO-POP!P-PO-PO-P-POP!

“Y’all run! Fire’s the ony thang that can burn out these fellers!”

“Un-uh! I ai not getting my hiney whopped by inmature mushrooms!”

Fredrick, or Floop, or Fred hunched his shoulders forwrad, then back, evidently in his human form and raging across the loamy soil. He roared once, then flexed back his shoulders do that his chest skin stretched and then into his red hair came crimson flames, as do his hands. Stretchingout his arm a large comet of fire shot out. “He’s definetely fire!”

“And I and the definetely the water! I can make it dance!”

Dipti was controlling storm water as it ever so gently drifted a millimeter off her hand, and into the air, extinguishing Floop’s hair.

“Hey! that hairdo was an improvement!”