Challengers: Rising to Vela 3

The syrupy voice and footsteps grew faster. Songbreeze snapped her fingers once and said Sewh. Rimrose stamped her staff and and rings materialized on their fingers.

“These’ll keep yon ‘nvisible.”

“reely? I love to be the invisible. I could mmrphhh-!”

“Oi surppinkly doan’t think oi wood open thot young trap o’ yours.” Baron Lee Clamped his hand stiffly on Dipti’s mouth.

“Hellew Soggy-poo.” A wiry lady stepped out of the the stony entrance wth a tray and cover. “Breakfist iz reddy.”

SSSZZZZZT! A fuchsia flash of light banded from Song’s outstretched index finger, knocked the wiry lady and her tray crashing, and her eyes flickering the same color. “GHOTAH! HUTREYEEWIW BROYUH!”

Not at all had the children seen such anger from such a nice lady. “WHY DOES YON SPEAK ENGLISH AND NOT GLAVION? ‘TIS YON WHO SPOKE ‘ONLY GLAVI WORD ARE PERMITTED’!”

Rimrose’s young figure chided Songbreeze. “Sonktreez, fretyi huyare. Mau mau suhd revred!”

Songbreeze’s eyes turned normal, glittering sand-colored irises, and her blasting hand uncoiled. The lady scrambled away in terror.

“Oi surpinkkly think ee wossa n’credible!”

But Songbreeze walked away. and returned with a tray. There were translucent egg-shaped figures with clear and lime colored insides. Amma fingered one of the steaming shapes, size of an acorn, and popped it her mouth.

“Hm. Sorta tastes loik chips, (fries in English), ice cream and cucumbers. Odd combinaition, wot tastes better than motha’s meatloaf for sure! ‘Allo, Song, May I just call you Song? I loik to het this lot a smidgen bit, wot wot!”

“Disaster stikes! Young gel, spit it out, ’tis a portal!”


It came out of her mouth in a purple flurry. Rimrose snapped her fingers and said, bleasem,. The the thing shaped up again, later the egg-thing hopped about by itself dropped out, and a large multi-color disk glittered out.

“Sorry m’lads, yore on yore own now. Step through. Spingo and Krylic of the GonFleick tribe are women wolves. Alright chaps,in ye go, right there, step lively, quicks the word, sharp’s the action!”

Chapter 4

“Good morning, young persons, I welcome thy to the GonFleick Tribe. Thy name is Krylic. Thous ’tis Spingo.”

“Mornin’ to y’all, ah’m Spingo. Used to be Amy back in Arkansas. Ah wuz one o’you afore ah became a wolfie like Krylic.”

There were 2 girls in front of them, both of them slender, tall, and graceful, dressed in white cloths.

“Come. Thou art hungry, do not dispute. Feel free to ride Perrit and Denya when thou art tired. Spingo, will you call them?”

“Dwirta! Mhera! come!”

Two oversized animals, a squirrel and an otter. The otter carried a large woven reed seat on it’s back, the animal the size of a limo, as tall as a tree, and he gave a cheery grunt. The squirrel, Perrit, twitched its button nose, and her bushy tail waved, cattail buds and blue birch bark woven into clutches, just enough for 4 people.

“Wunnerful! Oi loik yon otta vurry much!”

Baron was seated with Freddie, Jules, and Clarice on the broad shouldered otter. Dust rose from in front of him.

“Yo, Krylic, de flitchaye idiots are trying a rob us! And they got Tree springers and, Oh may smoking’ coals,” Spingo Gasped,” They got Rhysalyn! few a captive!”

Krylic bowed her head.

“They are here for the Green stone Opal.”

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