Shield of Destiny

Part 1

         I swiveled to the right as the monster snapped at where my waist had been seconds ago. Leaping in the air I twisted and turned entwining the necks of the two headed monster. The monster staggered around helpless and dazed, venom dripping from the foaming mouths. Reaching back, I  pulled out a pair of twin katanas from their sheaths on my back. Sensing this, the monster lunged at me, unfortunately legs still fully operational. I moved in a blur neatly slicing the heads off. With a thud the heads landed at my feet. I breathed a sigh of relief then hurried out the room; the others will be coming soon.

            “Get the Stealth Planes ready” I spoke in the mic on my ear. I spun around to see Professor Pylony jogging toward me. “Good morning Professor” I said managing a small grin. “Hello Natalya, I have something for you.” Pylony handed me a watch with multiple buttons. He pressed a small silver one on the top right hand side. Immediately a shield sprung up from the watch. The shield glistened in the sun with a majestic feel to it. It glowed silver with an intricate design around the border and in the center was a pure white unicorn. The more I looked at it, the more the unicorn seemed to be moving, alive and prancing around. Then another figure moved in the scene, a monster with a muddy yellow coat and two heads. With a chill I realized that was the monster I fought in the history classroom less than ten minutes ago. “Natalya?” Professor Pylony asked breaking my trance. His brow furrowed, concern in his eyes. “You look awfully pale. Is everything alright?” Pylony continued. I looked back at the shield, it was just the unicorn again. “Yes, I’m fine. Your shield was beautiful, thank you.” I said. “Oh, it just took this different type of energy field and then some fusion in the-’’ “Seriously Professor, you have endless knowledge about technology!” I laughed, “Well thank you” definite pride in his voice.

“The plane is ready, preflight checks have made certain that it is perfectly safe. Stealth system is working and fully operational.” Chief Henry reported. “Good” I replied, pressing the identical silver button beneath the top one. The shield sank back into the screen on my watch. “Fare well.” I said to Pylony, “Good luck” he replied. I climbed up the steps then sank into one of the chairs. Hope my brother made it to the safe house, we have some things to discuss.

4 responses to “Shield of Destiny

  1. Japanese swords

  2. katanas? what are those?

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