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Challengers: Rising to Vela 2

Jules snapped out of it. She flipped around in a frenzy her eyes wide and trying to find where the voice was from. Her Father’s form was translucent, but not blurry.

“Hello Jules,” came a syrupy voice, “I knew you’d find out one day. Now you and yore brat friends will never live to find outmore!” HIs voice turned grim.

It appeared that Claws had taken a long bronze staff from his girdle and stuck the floor with astonishing force. Nothing happened.

“I see you and yore frinds inheerited my power. Unfrorchinitly, you doun’t know wat they’m ar. Yeeeheeeheeeeehaaahaaa!” With a satisfactory sneer, Claws vanished.

“Looks like wee’ms goina ta Songbreeze’s castle. Purfeck plass to find yon’s power!” Granny Beth raised a staff like Claws’, but redwood and trimmed with silver and beads. “holath jin! Er, Jilath hon, i mean, Jolath hin, uhh, hilath Jon! Thats it Hilath Jon!”

“Hoooooray! I’ve been expecting yon travellers like thee!” A girl dressed in a simple blue sash and gold head band that was slightly older than the befuddled group went around pinching cheeks and spewing greetings.

“Oh, HELLO, my friends, I well thee to Planet Glave! Oh grascoius, gracious, have I not offer yon incinerated glorkaroaches? I do not expect yon to be twibaddled, ’tis a showing of hunger. Surely yon not must be skidoobled with my beautiful sister Rimrose Beth with yon!”

“Pardon, pardon, wot may I ask be glorkaroaches? And who be Rimrose Beth?” Amma asked trying to lighten her British accent.

“Sorree yon fellers, I be Rimrose. Most powerful 126 year old to walk on Earth!” surprisingly Granny Beth stated.

“Oh, dear, yon hasn’t been taught what glorkaroaches be? They be a wonderful dish. Burnt on the outside, yet runny on the inside. Glave’s fv greeting dish.”

“Well, I don’t mean to be a pig, hog, or whatever is pink ond snowarts, but may Oi podin to taste ee glorkgthes?”

Jules wasn’t hungry she was squatting down, examining the symbols on each members’ wrists.

“Hmm, Fred, fire; Amma, circle thing; Aubri, sun; Baron Lee, katuana; Dipti, ocean; Clarice, thunder and lightining; and me, and oracular surl. Songbreeze, wat does this mean?”

Footsteps echoed from behind the terrace.

“Oi speckkt ee nought gudd time to dizguzz ee symbowls?”Baron questioned, heavy on Italian accent.

“oh SONGBREEZE! Whotcha tokin’ to?”

This is the meaning of Earth Day-Peom

Herbs to spice as trees are to leaves,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Grasses quiver as the strong wind heaves,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Without the fresh air you would be untoned,

With out the leaves green, you’d be stock stone,

Without Mother Nature you’d be forever alone,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

NOw we can take back the damage we’ve done,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

Frolick in meadows, lay in the sun,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.

In representaion of Earth we will stand,

We’ll do whatever to keep this great land,

Keeping it clean would just be grand,

This is the meaning of Earth Day.