Spring Break Part 5

Day 6

Today is our second to last day in Cancun. On the eighth day, we will be on the plane back. I had breakfast today at the world cafe, and as usual, it was delicious. Afterward, I went down to the beach and played. Then my dad told me to change into my swimsuit. I went and changed, and he took Amanda my brother and I down to the Carribean beach to go swimming. It was actually pretty shallow, and it was a perfect day. When we were done, we went to get some lunch, and then we  went bungee jumping. After that, we played hide and seek in the hotel, and then had dinner and watched a show. When the show was over, we went to bed.

Day 7

Today my mom made me get up earlier, because since it’s our last day, we are going to the flea market. There was so much stuff there, it was amazing. I got some bracelets, and a belt. I also got a turtle, and a bag that says Cancun on it. I saw a bow with arrows, but my mom didn’t let me get it. I wanted it, though. My brother got a bag of seashells, and a turtle. Not a real one, of course. Just a little ceramic one. Amanda got a blue Cancun bag, and some bracelets and a belt. When we got back, it was time for lunch. Afterward, I messed around until it was time to go bungee jumping. After that, I played, and played, and played until dinner. After dinner, there was ANOTHER show. These people have got like, unlimited show ideas. Anyway, we had to go to bed, because our plane was at 3 in the morning tomorrow.

Day 8

Today was so boring I’m just going to give a brief summary. We got on the plane, and slept until we got back, and then rode back in a van. I fell on the couch when I got home. Even though Mexico was fun, I still like my house better.,

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