Challengers: Rising to Vela

Jules lay on her bed, thinking about bad luck. Thinking about what had happened. Her dog was found in her apartment and sent to the pound. Her step-mother had given her a long lecture on juvenile detention. Grandpa died. Worst, her older brother Devon was kidnapped.

She twirled her hair and sat on her bed. Bririririring! Bririririring! Immediately she sat up and answered the cell.

“Jules speaking, who it is?”

“J-j-jules, you h-have to c-come now. Its im-i-important. Aubriana out.”

“Aubri? Wha-”

Aubriana hung up. Jules sighed, hung her keys around her neck and left the kiwi colored room, and out the door of the single story house. Jules didn’t even walk 2 blocks to Aubri’s house and little Bill came running.

“Juwos, Abwi-gasp-found-def note- on cwaset shewf-Aubwi need cwues and help!”

Jules had a bewildered look on her face.

“Come on Juwos, wets go!” and he gave Jules and gentle shove. Jules broke off running, her keys jangling.


Chapter 2: titchy

She didn’t even knock, she broke down the door of the unsteady house. SHe could see her close friends gathered around a granite dinner table, with frightened looks on their faces. Freddie’s grandma was seated on a vintage stool.

“Jules, finally! for the fastest girl in our grade, that was slow.”

“Jah, joo eder ‘elp vat to doo, or mak Aubris fase turn narmol.”

“Dipti, that was very unkind. Please, Jules, could you help?”

“I will, when you tell whats GOING ON! First, Aubri calls me. Then I run for and EMERGENCY to her house with Little Bill. WHat next?”

Clarice couldn’t help it anymore. “Aubri found threatening notes all over her house and her room destroyed , and passed out and the notes were signed Claws and- and- and-” Tears were waterfalling all over her cheeks.

“I told ya young whippa snappas, its the infamous George Claws, Kidnapped mah brotha, yo brotha, and Clairecy’s brotha.”Freddie’s grandma Beth spluttered

Jules’ green eyes’ pupils shrank. Her hazel hair blew from the window wind wildly. Her mouth ran dry. She only managed to say in a raspy whisper,”George Claws, him, h-he’s dead, he w-was in a car crash, he was m-my Father.H-hated us, h-hated Devon. Devon!” Jules’ face was wet. But there was a bright tattoo glowing on everybody’s wrists.

“Hello, daughter. I heard you miss me.”

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