Spring Break Part 3

Day 4

Today in the morning, I went to eat breakfast, and then got my swimsuit on and messed around with my friends for awhile. Later, we went parasoling. It was really cool! First, we got on a boat that took us out to somewhere, and then we had to put on harnesses, and mine was ridiculously small. There were other people on the boat, and 8 of us went on the parachute. Anybody who went got hooked to a parachute, and the boat moved forward, and a rope or string or whatever it was was released slowly, and whoever was on the parachute went up. We went in pairs of 2, so it only took a little. Amanda and I were the 3rd pair to go up.  It was kinda chilly up there. At least there was no wind.  When we got down, the last pair of people went, and then the boat took us back to shore. We got off, and went to have lunch. After lunch, I went bungee jumping, and did a lot of flips, and one of them was a frontflip. Everyone says that a frontflip is really hard to do, and I agree. I almost fell on my head trying to do it. After that, I had to change into my swimsuit again, because we were going swimmin’ with the dolphins. We got to have a mini water fight with a dolphin, Give it a massage(just stroke the dolphin is giving it a massage), feed the dolphin, get a picture of us with the dolphin, and the best-float on your stomach and let the dolphins push you! Yeah, it doesn’t sound exciting. It was really cool, because there was a wave that you ride on, and you just have to depend on the dolphins. At the end, we all got into a row, and the dolphins-4 of them- jumped over us. I thought that it was really cool. I got out of the pool and got my stuff. Then I went back and took a shower. It was time for dinner, so we went to eat, and then watched a show. After the show, I went to bed.

One response to “Spring Break Part 3

  1. That sounds really fun! When I was swimming with the dolphins all we got to do was stand there in a mini saltwater pool and the dolphin just swam around a trainer. One person got picked to pet the dolphin and we each got to see it up close and pet its nose for about two seconds and that was it. Wasn’t that fun. I was freezing too.

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