I woke up the next morning in my old world, with the dull gray slabs of paint. Floppy’s words kept ringing in my head. I decided to go again after breakfast. I slipped a t-shirt over my pajamas then changed into a pair of jeans. I took my bottle of pepper and lemon spray from the shelf and sliped it in my pocket, my trainer always said to keep those near me. I grabbed my bow and arrow just in case. “Ding!” I said touching Floppy’s nose. Just as I’d expected, nothing happened.

After doing the morning routine, I did the spell that I heard George do yesterday, “An invisible veil that covers us all, not one little glimpse, down the hall.” I walked to the kitchen then grabbed a bar to eat on the way. As I reached the closet I took a deep breath then tightened my grip on my bow, Floppy’s words had somehow made me nervous. Doing what I did yesterday, the whirring noises started then the closet door flew open. I stepped inside and braced myself. If Delancie Jr. really was dangerous, whatever she was planning, she must be doing it today. I learned that the painful way with my trainer. It’s always the second time. Then I heard a rustle in the coats behind me, I suspected it was just from all the spinning and whirling. Little did I know that my invisibility spell didn’t have enough juice and it wore out right when I got my bar. Delancie has been following me. Finally everything stopped. I stepped out the closet.

I walked to my room greeted by Delancie Jr., “You’ve come back!” she cried. “What’s that for?” Delancie asked eyeing my bow and arrow. “Oh! Um, I just came back from archery.” I said quickly. “Fun!” (the Delancie I know would of freaked out if I said that). I ran to Floppy, “Ding!” I said tapping his nose. We all flopped down on bed again. Delancie looked at me, “You look hungry sis-(clap, clap) Get this poor girl some food!” she smiled at me “Dumb cooks, always so slow.” As I waited I talked to Floppy. “So, can you tell me more about Delancie Jr.?” I whispered “You’ll see.” “What do you mean?” I asked, but he didn’t speak again. “Well that’s helpful” I muttered. Suddenly, the doors opened. It was Delancie, the real Delancie. “What are you doing here Sarah!” she cried, Delancie looked over at Delancie Jr. “W-Why is there another one of me?” Delancie asked pointing a shaky finger at Delancie Jr., Delancie Jr. rolled her eyes then said “This always happens! Guards, take her away!” I watched in horror as Delancie was bounded and taken away. As much as I dislike Delancie, no one’s going to treat Delancie like that, she’s family, and that’s all that matters. I turned to Delancie, “Can I borrow three of your Barbie dolls?” I asked, “Oh no,” Delancie said with the most unsettling smile “you’re not leaving.” I looked down at Floppy, now I understood what he meant. “
Mum!” Delancie shouted, “Have fun!” Delancie smirked then walked out the room.

A few seconds later, Delancie’s mom came. She looked exactly like my mother, fat and short with wavy blond hair and watery blue eyes. I looked more like my dad who died when I was four, caramel colored hair and bright brown eyes. My “mom” walked towards me holding a tiny box in her hands. She stopped a few feet away from me and gave me a warm smile. I know now that things like that sometimes aren’t true. She’d be smiling now and then a few seconds later try to rip out my heart (when I was little I watched Snow White and that little box reminded me badly of when the hunter killed that poor animal and used its heart as a replica of Snow White’s). “Sarah,” she started “I’m afraid I have to sew your eyes out” Mother opened the box which contained various buttons, then, she pulled out a needle and thread fr0m her pocket. She walked slowly towards me and raised her hand. The needle was about a few centimeters away from my eye when I shouted “Wait!” grabbing her wrist. “Why?” my mother said through clenched teeth. My hand went instinctively towards the two sprays. I grabbed my lemon one and sprayed it right at her eyes. She screamed then repeatedly rubbed at her eyes. My mom won’t be able to see for about three minutes. I ran to the guest room not knowing where to go next. Three ghost children were there. Their eyes were missing. “Don’t let her take your eyes” they moaned “Your eyes are precious, don’t let her take your eyes” I stumbled back into a mirror.

“You wretch!” I heard my mother scream. My mother came and grabbed my wrist, her eyes still slightly watery. “Now let me sew your eyes!” I ducked and my mother was sewing the air for a second then she came at me. I slid under her leg then sent a single straight karate kick at her back sending her crashing out the window. Now I need to find Delancie. I ran to the dungeon hoping that this would be the same as my house in the old world. I found Delancie then untied her, Delancie was unconscious. I did a pocus spell so that she would be sent home then remembering that when I fell asleep I would end up in my old world. I flopped down on bed tired of all the work and fell asleep immediately.

I woke up to the sound of Delancie shouting “We’re going to be explorers!” and mom furiously signing paper after paper. “Sarah! We’re going to be explorers! I finally know the importance of adventure. First off, the rainforests of Africa!!” my mother said noticing that I was awake. I smiled with relief, now we’re really talking. No more “Sarah, stop climbing trees” or “Sarah! Stay away from the woods” or “Get away from that river, you could get wet!” now my whole family’s in this, and we’re going to have a blast!

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  1. Keep writing, if this is the end, write a sequel!

  2. Wow! the mom really changed her opinion of adventures! It’s really good, keep writing! 🙂

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